buy Batman Tire Cover

Batman Tire Cover

Do like Batman so much that you want to show it on your car?

If so and you have a car that has a big spare tire on the back then you are in luck.

This tire cover shows a classic Batman logo. Not the modern one but one that dates back a bit and that makes it even more special.

The vinyl outside has a screen print of the Batman logo on the inside is fleece lines to keep your tire in perfect order.
And the Batman tire cover can be easily be removed and put on without any zippers.

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Tweety Tire Cover

Tweety Bird tire cover

OK so you have a car with a nice big tire on the back. That is great but how to you make that tire look even better?

Simple get a tire cover like this one with a serious looking Tweety. This bird is gone make people stare at your car.

The cover is made for outside use so don’t worry about UV and ┬árain or mud. Tweety will make you car look great.

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