buy Kids Wall-E Halloween Costume

Kids Wall-E Halloween Costume

This Halloween you can dress up in this Kids Wall-E Halloween Costume.

If your child loves the Wall-E movie and especially the fun robot then this Halloween they can look just like this cleaning robot.

The Wall-E costume includes a tunic that can easily worn and transform the upper body into the square Wall-E part and there are cool robot gloves too and a head piece that has the bit eyes on it.

You can get this Wall-E costume is available in sizes 2T – 6.

Halloween or just play this costume is just perfect and looks just like the true character from the movie.

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buy Wall-E Necklace

Wall-E Necklace

Now there is this great looking Wall-E Necklace that is just perfect for anyone that loves robots and especially the one from the Pixar movie.

The Wall-E necklace is made from silver with a gold coating making it looks like it is solid gold and it has a 3D pendant of this hardworking robot and it is hanging on a 18 inch long chain with a spring ring clasp to put it on easily.

No matter if you love robots or just Wall-E this piece of robot jewelry may quickly become your favorite piece to wear as it goes will with almost any outfit you own.

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buy Wall-E Giving A Shoe Hoodie

Wall-E Giving A Shoe Hoodie

Now there is this Wall-E Giving A Shoe Hoodie that is kinda strange but in a fun way.

You can get this Wall-E hooide in 5 different colors and in sizes Small – 2XL and it is made to fit both men and women perfectly.

On the hoodie you can see a picture of Wall-E and he brought you a shoe that is ready to hand over and that may be a little bit strange but in a fun way.

The hoodie is like a sweater and has a hood and the big pocket like we all love from our hoodies.

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buy Wall-E Christmas sweater

Wall-E Christmas sweater

This holiday season you can be wearing this Wall-E Christmas sweater.

This holiday sweater is all about robots spending time together this Christmas.

On the sweater you can see Wall-E and his girlfriend Eve and they are surrounded by Christmas lights in all kind of colors. You can find the two robots in front of a black background and there are some yellow bars on the top and bottom also decorated by string lights.

You can get this Wall-E sweater in men’s sizes XSmall – 2XL and it will look great on women too. The holiday sweater is made from 60% cotton and 40% acrylic so that it is comfortable to wear to your Christmas party.

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buy Wall-E Trinket Box

Wall-E Trinket Box

If you like cute robots and have little stuff that needs to be stored then you just need this Wall-E Trinket Box.

This is a wooden box that is yellow and has the print on it that makes it really look like Wall-E and even the top has his famous eyes on top that looks amazing and is also helpful when you want to open the box.

Inside Wall-E there is room for all kind of trinkets like maybe jewelry, coins, keys,   batteries or what ever else you have lying around that needs a home.

The Wall-E storage box is 3 3/4 x 5 inches in sizes and will look amazing on a table, desk, or bookshelf.

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buy Wall-E And Eve Christmas Sweater

Wall-E And Eve Christmas Sweater

This Christmas you can be wearing this Wall-E And Eve Christmas Sweater.

The Pixar Christmas sweater is unisex making it look amazing on both men and women and it is made from 55% cotton and 45% acrylic. You can get this Wall-E sweater in adult sizes XSmall – 2XL.

The Christmas sweater is dark blue and green and has lots of Christmas lights and other festive details and then on the front you can see a big picture of Wall-E and Eve and they are holding hands and are also holding a string of Christmas lights.

If you like a fun holiday sweater and robots and Wall-E then this is what you should be wearing.

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buy Wall-E Pajama Pants

Wall-E Pajama Pants

If you like comfy pants for at home and you like robots then you should check out thee Wall-E pajama pants.

These fun lounge pants are great for men and women and come in sizes Small – 2XL and they are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

On the light grey comfy pants you can find images of Wall-E and yes there are many cute images of this Pixar cleaning robot.

Now you can sleep in style or just hang out around the house while wearing these fun Wall-E lounge pants and they even have pockets so that you can carry things with you.

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buy Wall-E Gives Eve Flowers T-Shirt

Wall-E Gives Eve Flowers T-Shirt

If you like Wall-E the cute garbage robot then you want to check out this Wall-E gives Eve flower t-shirt.

The Wall-E t-shirt comes in styles for men and women and in sizes Small – 6XL and in colors navy blue and black and is made from 100% cotton.

On the shirt you can see the galaxy in the background and even contour of a planet or maybe the moon and in a silhouette view you can see Wall-E giving Eve a flower in pot because he really likes the cute robot.

The Wall-E movie is now a true classic and if you like it as much as I do then you should check this shirt out.

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buy Wall-E Cutting Board

Wall-E Cutting Board

If you like robots and cooking then you just need this Wall-E cutting board.

The cutting board is shaped like the Wall-E robot and has the image of the robot on the top so that it really looks like the famous Wall-E.

The fun cutting board is made from wood and measures 9 x 12 inches making it just the perfect size to have handy when  you have some food to cut in your kitchen.

Now your kitchen became a bit more geeky all thanks to the Wall-E robot from Pixar that is always ready for a cutting job.

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buy Wall-E Throw Pillow

Wall-E Throw Pillow

There is Wall-E the Disney robot that was left behind to clean up the mess the people made.

But this time Wall-E is trying to survive the forces of nature as he seems covered in a big pile of snow.

The snow scene of Wall-E can be found on a fun and cuddly throw pillow that would look stunning on your couch, bed or chair.

And you can find Wall-E on both sides of this pillow.

The pillow comes in 3 sizes 16, 18 and 20 inch square and it is also available as just a pillow case.

If Wall-E is your favorite robot then maybe you should offer him a nice warm place to live instead of the snow he is stuck in now.

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