buy Ron Burgundy Cardboard Standee Poster

Ron Burgundy Cardboard Standee Poster

Anchorman Ron Burgundy Cardboard poster

There is Run Burgundy as we all know him from the movie Anchorman and now it is a free standing poster.

Yes Ron is life size 6.3 feet tall and he loves to be the centre of attention so use him at a party or just to decorate your home.

You can use this Anchorman as a giant poster or free standing. Just imagine how freaky it is to see Will Ferrel standing there all dress up like Ron Burgundy.

You get an instant friend out of Run Burgundy but don’t worry he does not take to much room and does not say anything.

Lets have fun with this life size Anchorman Ron Burgundy Card Board Cutout Poster.

buy Old School Frank Poster

Old School Frank Poster

Old school is a totally hilarious movie starring Will Ferrel as an outrageous and funny character Frank. This is one of Franks “friends” and he is not shy to show you.

This Old School poster is perfect to throw up on your wall, just expect a reaction. The Old School poster measures 61 cm x 91 cm and can be framed, mounted or laminated.

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