buy The Muppets Beaker Beanie Hat

The Muppets Beaker Beanie Hat

Muppets Beaker Beanie Hat

Beaker from the awsome television and movie series The Muppets is known to be a little wacky, now you too can look a little wacky with this nice and comfy Beaker beanie hat.

This Beaker beanie hat will keep your head warm on the coldest day but it will also keep you looking cool, it has two long tie strings to secure it to your head and it features Beaker’s face with his awsome crazy orange hair on top.

Get your The Muppets Beaker Beanie Hat.

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buy Bugs Bunny Winter Hat

Bugs Bunny Winter Hat

Looney tunes Bug Bunny winter hat

This Bugs Bunny hat will be your best friend this cold winter.

As expected this beanie hat looks like the head of Bugs Bunny and this Looney Tunes character really wants to hang out with you to play in the snow.

The hat will keep your ears warm but unfortunitly for Bugs Bunny his ears stay cold as they are on top of the hat.

Get ready for winter with this Bugs Bunny Beanie Winter Hat.

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Spongebob Hat and Gloves

Winter is here and that means cold weather. But no fear because this Spongebob Squarepants beanie hat and gloves will keep  your kids warm.

Don’t know but I expect that you kids don’t mind the cold specially if they can be dressed warm with this Spongebob winter wear set.

Go get your kids ready for winter with the Spongebob Squarepants Hat and Gloves set.

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Dora Winter Mittens

Snow is so much fun for kids but then there hands get cold and the fun is over.

But that does not have to happen. These mittens are made for 2-4 year olds and are lined to keep the kids warm and the velcro strap helps to keep these Dora The Explorer mittens in place.

If your girls like Dora and pink then these are the gloves to get them.

Go check out these Dora Winter Mittens.

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