buy Star Wars Comic Yoga Mat

Star Wars Comic Yoga Mat

Start doing your yoga in style one this Star Wars Comic Yoga Mat.

If you are a big Star Wars fan that likes to do yoga then you deserve a cool yoga mat and this is one of those.

This yoga mat is not like most as most are just plain in a nice color but this one looks like a Star Wars comic with squares with lots of Star Wars details including droids and more.

And besides all the cool Star Wars stuff it is a normal yoga mat and I am sure that this mat will get your noticed in your yoga class and it will be perfect for use at home too.

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buy PAW Patrol Chase Yoga Mat

PAW Patrol Chase Yoga Mat

Now Kids can do yoga thanks to this PAW Patrol Chase yoga mat.

The blue yoga mat is made for kids that love PAW Patrol but adults can use it to.

On the yoga mat you can find some paw prints in the background and on top you can find the PAW Patrol logo and Chase doing all kind of yoga moves including downward dog as this puppy is really good at that.

The PAW Patrol yoga mat is about the same size as an adult yoga mat and it is made from high density foam so that your child can really do yoga or just play on the fun mat.

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buy TMNT Yoga Mat

TMNT Yoga Mat

If you child love the Ninja Turtles and wants to do yoga then you should check out this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles yoga mat.

The yoga mat is green and on it you can find a Ninja Turtle and he is doing some yoga posses you can try yourself like downward dog, tree pose and more.

On the picture you can see a blue turtle but if you prefer orange then there is a green TMNT yoga mat with an orange turtle on it too.

The mat is 2 x 5 feet in side making it the perfect size for kids to play on and do their yoga.

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