buy Zombie Smurfs T-Shirt

Zombie Smurfs T-Shirt

Zombie Smurfs T-Shirt

Now there is a zombie Smurfs t-shirt and that looks like The Smurfs meets The Walking Dead.

In the middle you can see a mushroom house and the house is all barricade and two real Smurfs can be found on the roof and they have weapons. Around the house, you will find zombie Smurfs some of them still blue some of them all scary. Even Papa Smurf seem to have turned. And even a Smurf that becomes a zombie wants brain preferably Smurf brain so that is why they go to the house as there are real Smurfs on top.

You can get this awesome Smurf t-shirt in styles and size for men and women and the shirt is available in many cool colors.

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