buy Batman 3D Bust Puzzle

Batman 3D Bust Puzzle

Batman 3D Bust Puzzle

Would you want to put together your next piece of Batman memorabilia? Would you like to be able to take it apart and store it away for next time? This is that new piece to your puzzle.

This bust of Batman is like any other bust with no arms and only a torso just under the chest. Batman has his black bat mask and cape on. His torso is covered in silver and the bat symbol is black. He also comes with a stand for the puzzle that says “Justice League” and has a gold covered name badge.

This 3D puzzle comes in 72 pieces all ready to go to create a DC Comics masterpiece of Batman. The pieces are made of plastic and once they are all put together your Batman bust will stand approximately 6 inches tall. Don’t worry if this puzzle frightens you, it comes with color instructions that will help you become successful.

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