buy Bella Swan Bella’s Birthday Tonner Doll

Bella Swan Bella’s Birthday Tonner Doll

Twilight New Moon Bella Swan Bella's Birthday Tonner Doll

Tonner is a company that has brought doll making to a new incredible level with the best facial details that replicate stars like never before and high quality tailored clothing and accessories.

This is a Bella Swan Tonner doll that features her in a birthday dress worn in one of the Twilight saga movies New Moon, wearing a crisp taffeta dress with custom rose printing, a soft knit cardigan, bracelets, pantyhose, slip-on canvas shoes, and a ribbon headband staniding 15 inches tall you will find the Bella doll to be the front and center of your collection.

Hurry, the Bella doll is limited to just 2,000 pieces worldwide!

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