buy Twilight Edward Destroy Your Soul Duvet Cover

Twilight Edward Destroy Your Soul Duvet Cover

Twilight New Moon Edward Destroy Your Soul Duvet Cover

Edward Cullen fans it is time for your dream come true, it is time to lay down with the Twilight vampire.

This is a duvet cover that features Edward Cullen, a very popular vampire character in the movie series The Twilight Saga.

Find a large high quality image of Edward Cullen with the eerie wooded background and the written quote ” What choice have I? I can not be without you, but I will not destroy your soul”.

A really soft and comfortable duvet cover that is made to be very durable and last a long time with a 180 thread count, this Twilight New Moon Edward Cullen quote duvet cover measures 80 inches x 90 inches.

Have sweet dreams with the Twilight New Moon Edward Destroy Your Soul Duvet Cover.

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buy Jacob Black Tonner Doll

Jacob Black Tonner Doll

Twilight Jacob Black Tonner Doll.

A great collectors item for the Twilight Saga fan.

This is a high quality very well detailed Tonner doll of one of the most popular characters Jacob Blak from The series of films The Twilight Saga.

Jacob Black tonner doll has many articulation points and the amazing sculpt of his face is a sight needed to be seen in person, with clothes that are made of great quality material and fine details right down to the shoes.

This is a highly recommended doll and the best Twilight collectors item for sure.

Get your Twilight Jacob Black Tonner Doll.

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buy Bella Swan Bella’s Birthday Tonner Doll

Bella Swan Bella’s Birthday Tonner Doll

Tonner is a company that has brought doll making to a new incredible level with the best facial details that replicate stars like never before and high quality tailored clothing and accessories.

This is a Bella Swan Tonner doll that features her in a birthday dress worn in one of the Twilight saga movies New Moon, wearing a crisp taffeta dress with custom rose printing, a soft knit cardigan, bracelets, pantyhose, slip-on canvas shoes, and a ribbon headband staniding 15 inches tall you will find the Bella doll to be the front and center of your collection.

Hurry, the Bella doll is limited to just 2,000 pieces worldwide!

Read More About The Bella Swan Bella’s Birthday Tonner Doll

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Edward Cullen Tonner Doll

Twilight Edward Cullen Tonner Doll

Edward Cullen from the awsome series of movies in the Twilight saga is here as close as you can get to him in real person.

This is from the amazing collection of dolls made by Tonner. This Edward Cullen doll is so detailed and has amazing features like his face and high quality clothing make this one of the best pieces of  Twilight items you can get.

Standing 17 inches tall with 14 points of articulation you really will not believe your eyes when you take a close look at this Edward Cullen Tonner doll.

Find your Twilight Edward Cullen Tonner Doll.

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buy Cullen Crest Key Caps

Cullen Crest Key Caps

Twilight Cullen Crest Key Caps

Twilight fans who want something different found it here.

You get 3 rubber key caps that all have the crest of the Cullen’s on it.
If you are part of team Edward then this is a fun item to have.

You can change your keys in to Twilight keys just by putting the rubber key cap over your old boring key.

And the nice thing is there are 3 different color of Twilight key caps so you now know what key is for witch door.

Create special Twilight Saga keys with these Twilight Cullen Crest Key Caps.

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Edward, Bella And Jacob Christmas Ornament

Twilight Christmas ornament with Edward cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black

This will be the hotest Christmas ornament of the year.

Any Twilight fan out there wants this ornament in their Christmas tree.

This Christmas ornament is made by Hallmark and shows Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black.

All together as one Christmas ornament.

Twilight fans come check this ornament before it’s to late.

Go quick to get your Twillight Edward, Bella and Jacob Christmas Ornament.

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buy Team Jacob T-Shirt

Team Jacob T-Shirt

Twilight fans know it, you just have to be supporting team Jacob.

And this t-shirt shows your support to Jacob Black. This t-shirt shows the words “Team Jacob” and on top of that a howling wolf.

This t-shirt comes in a bunch of different colors and they have a male and female version to.

Read More About The Team Jacob T-Shirt

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Jacob Black Hoodie

Team Jacob Hoodie

There we have Jacob Black the guy who realy likes Bella and the guy who is not real fond of the Cullen family.

You will see Jacob’s face on both sides of the hood and that almost makes you Jacob while you wear this hoodie.

The hoodie comes in 7 colors and you have a choice of different prints for the back.

Join team Jacob with this Twilight Jacob Black Hoodie.

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Edward Cullen Hoodie

Twilight Robert Pattinson hoodie

If you want a Twilight hoodie then this is the one to look at. This hoodie comes in 7 different colors and shows the face of Edward right on the hood.

On both sides of the hood you will find the face of Edward Cullen and for the back you have a couple of options what you want there.

Maybe the Twilight logo or the Cullen family crest.

But any ways this is the most wanted Twilight item ever.

You have to see the other pictures of the Twilight Edward Cullen Hoodie.

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Lone Wolf iPhone 4/4S Case

Lone Wolf iPhone 4 Case

Twi-Hard fans, check out this awsome iPhone 4 and 4S case!!!

This is the cooliest iPhone case around, with an amazingly detailed image of the Lone Wolf (Jacob Black) from the vampire movie series The Twilight Saga.

This Lone Wolf iPhone 4 and 4S case is a two piece hard shell with a soft grip bottom for easy handling that slides off easy for docking. Also the inside is lined with felt and Yes you still have access to all of the buttons and ports.

Get your Twilight Lone Wolf iPhone 4/4S Case.

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