buy Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Blanket

Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Blanket

Now there is this Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Blanket that is a must have for all the Grey’s Anatomy fans.

This Grey’s Anatomy throw blanket is 40 x 60 and made from 100% polyester fleece.

The blanket has the Grey + Sloan logo on it with a green background and on the bottom a silhouette of the skyline of Seattle where Grey’s Anatomy TV series is based.

A throw blanket like this is great for on the couch while watching Grey’s Anatomy or use it on your bed to keep your warm and you can even use it for a picnic in the park.

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buy Doctor Who Aquarium Ornament

Doctor Who Aquarium Ornament

Now there is this Doctor Who Aquarium Ornament that brings the Tardis to your fish tank.

If you have a nice fish tank with fish that needs a new home to live in then why not give them a classic blue police box like the Doctor uses to travel in time and space.

This Tardis aquarium ornament is almost 7 inch tall and made from resin with room for fish to call it home.

It is really cool and you do wonder what happened to the Doctor as it seems like he left the Tardis a while back as it looks worn.

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buy Gingerbread Tardis Christmas Sweater

Gingerbread Tardis Christmas Sweater

Now Doctor Who fans can get this really cool Gingerbread Tardis Christmas Sweater.

This Doctor Who sweater is black and will look great on both men and women.

On the Christmas sweater it shows the Tardis but it is not the real Tardis from the Doctor but one that is build out of gingerbread and is build like a gingerbread house and it all decorated to look just really cool as it even has a wreath and everything and even some gingerbread cookies as trees.

If you want the perfect Doctor Who Christmas sweater then this is the one you want.

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buy 2021 13th Month Doctor Who Special Edition Wall Calendar

2021 13th Month Doctor Who Special Edition Wall Calendar

Now there is this really cool 2021 13th Month Doctor Who Special Edition Wall Calendar.

This is not just any Doctor Who calendar, this is a special edition and in this case it means it is a calendar with no room for notes but with amazing pictures.

Each month you will find another Doctor and there are 13 so that seems like a lot of fun to me.

Each moth you just get an amazing photo of one the Doctors and besides the nice picture you will find the number of the Doctor in the background and there is also a calendar with the days of the week on the sides so that you can figure out what day of the week it is.

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buy Golden Girls Pajama Pants

Golden Girls Pajama Pants

Now there are these fun Golden Girls Pajama Pants that will keep you warm while looking fun.

These pajama pants come in men’s sizes XSmall – 3XL and they will look good on women too. And besides for sleeping these pajama pants are also great for lounging and that makes them to be lounge pants too.

The sleep pants are blackened on the left leg it shows 4 different colored squares and in each square it shows the portrait of one of the Golden Girls and then below all of them it has the Golden Girls logo.

So if you want fun and warm leg wear for rewatching the Golden Girls then now you can wear this.

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buy Blue Tardis Hoodie With Stripes

Blue Tardis Hoodie With Stripes

Doctor Who fans don’t need to be cold because now there is this Blue Tardis Hoodie With Stripes.

This Doctor Who hoodie is a fleece pull over with a pocket on the front and comes in sizes Small – 3XL and is unisex so that it will be great for both men and women. And the Tardis hoodie made from 50% polyester and 50% cotton.

On the blue hoodie you can find a bunch of stripes in rainbow colors and the wiggle their way all the way to the blue police box we all know from the Doctor and on the edge of the lines it also says Doctor Who so that others know you like the Doctor and his Tardis.

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buy Friends Advent Calendar

Friends Advent Calendar

Now there is the Friends Advent Calendar for all the true fans of Friends that love to countdown to Christmas.

Advent calendar are great fun for anyone that loves the Christmas holidays and this year there is an advent calendar all based on Friends the classic TV show we all watched al loved.

Inside the calendar you can find fun presents based on Friends and you may even be able to use some of the presents to decorate your Christmas tree.

And besides for yourself you can also get this Friends advent calendar to one of  your friends to make the feel special.

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buy 3D Tardis Doctor Who Greeting Card

3D Tardis Doctor Who Greeting Card

Now there is this 3D Tardis Doctor Who Greeting Card that is something you should send to a Doctor Who fan.

This Doctor Who greeting card is amazing because when you open it the Tardis pops up as there is a true 3D Tardis is inside it.

And the card is blank on the inside so you can write any message you want inside it making this a great card to send for a birthday, Christmas, Halloween, or any other day of the year you like to surprise a Doctor Who fan.

A pop up card like this is really cool and something a true Doctor Who fan will keep forever.

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buy 7th Doctor Who Knit Beanie Hat

7th Doctor Who Knit Beanie Hat

Now there is this 7th Doctor Who Knit Beanie Hat that will keep the head of a Doctor Who fan warm.

This Doctor Who winter hat is yellow and green just like the sweater of the seventh Doctor and it may make people wonder about all those red question marks but that makes it clear who are true fans of Doctor Who.

And this beanie hat is made from 100% acrylic and will look great on both men and women as it is a one size fits mosts.

So be ready for winter or just look cool the rest of the year by wearing this knit beanie hat.

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buy Dalek Can Koozie

Dalek Can Koozie

True Doctor Who fans can now get a Dalek Can Koozie that is just made for making you look cool while keeping your drink cool.

A Dalek can cooler is made to keep your drinks cool and it does that by covering the can.

The koozie is red and on it in black a you can find a big Dalek and that red cover will keep your drink cool and you hands warm as it does block the cold from leaving your can.

A true Doctor Who fan wants to be special and going out with your drink to the campground or maybe the game while using this Dalek koozie will make you feel real special.

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