buy Cinderella Carriage Teapot

Cinderella Carriage Teapot

Disney Princess Cinderella teapot

Cinderella is a popular princess to everyone. She featured in the Walt Disney 1950 animated fairy tale film that everyone fell in love with.

All your most favorite memories will come back when you are drinking a cup of tea from this special Cinderella Carriage Teapot.

This teapot is very unique with the magical fairy godmother figurine standing on top of the cover and a picture of Cinderella on the front all ready for the royal ball. On the other side is a picture of the princes castle and on the top of the teapots spout is a picture of two little mice Gus and Jaq.

Despite her evil stepmother trying to prevent Cinderella form going to the royal ball. Her mice friends and the fairy godmother turns her into a beautiful princess. Cinderella went to  the ball in her carriage, she meets her prince and lived happily ever after.

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