buy Ariel The Little Mermaid Baking Cups

Ariel The Little Mermaid Baking Cups

Now there are Ariel The Little Mermaid Baking Cups that are just made to make little kids happy.

Cupcake liners are mostly boring and plain but that doesn’t have to be because these baking cups from Wilton have Ariel as the Little Mermaid on it and that just make cupcakes look way more fun.

The baking cups come in a pack of 50 so there are plenty for when you are doing some baking.

If you are doing an Ariel or Little Mermaid party then cupcakes are great especially when they are served in these cute liners.

And besides for cupcakes you can use these baking cups to for holding treats and others stuff.

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buy Kids Rapunzel Hoodie And Leggings Set

Kids Rapunzel Hoodie And Leggings Set

Now there is this fun Kids Rapunzel Hoodie And Leggings Set that your girl is going to love.

You can get this Rapunzel out fit is many kids sizes from 18 months all the way to a kids size 8.

The leggings are purple and covered in many stars that even come in different colors and then there is the hoodie that is a light purple and even has some ruffles on the sleeves and on the front it shows a nice picture of Princess Rapunzel and it also says “Shine On!” on it and it looks really neat.

I am sure you girl is going to love this outfit.

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buy Princess Belle Backpack

Princess Belle Backpack

Now there is this Princess Belle Backpack that is just perfect for anyone that likes Disney Princesses and needs a backpack.

This Princess backpack is yellow and gold with a flower pattern on the main bag part and a picture of Princess Belle on the outside pocket with lots of gold glitter. Even the zippers and zipper pulls are gold in color to make this a really cool looking backpack.

The Belle backpack has one big main compartment with ID tag and one smaller pocket and two slide pockets on the side that can hold things like a water bottle or apple.

And this Princess Belle backpack is 16 x 12 1/2 x 6 1/2 making it plenty of big for school, work, and lots of adventures.

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buy Snow White Table Lamp

Snow White Table Lamp

Now a Princess will bring you light all thanks to this Snow White Table Lamp.

The lamp is about 1 1/2 feet tall and shows Snow White standing under a tree with a nice green shade with on top a red apple. And if you look closer you can find the Dwarfs on the shade and in the t ree you can find birds and there is even a deer.

This Disney lamp is amazing and will look great in a kids room or anywhere else that can use a bit of Disney and Snow White.

The amazing details will make it one of those pieces people will notice as it looks amazing and does bring light to the dark too.

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buy Jasmine Aladdin Adult Costume

Jasmine Aladdin Adult Costume

For Halloween, dress up parties or whenever you like get into this Princess Jasmine Aladdin adult costume.

This costume is based after the Disney animated movie Aladdin. Find a costume of Jasmine that is all teal blue with a very mice sheer overlay and sheer sleeves. Also some jewels attached to headband and pants.

Included with this costume is: Headband with hook and loop fastener. Top with sheer sleeves and elastic cuffs. Pants with elastic waistbands and cuffs.

With many sizes to choose from everyone can get into this Disney Aladdin Princess Jasmine adult costume. Sizes range from XS to L.

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buy Jasmine Make A Wish Kids Nightgown

Jasmine Make A Wish Kids Nightgown

Disney Aladdin is a magical movie and this is a great bedtime addition of a Jasmine Make A Wish Kids Nightgown.

This is a nightgown that is based after the wonderful Disney animated classic movie of Aladdin. Find Princess Jasmine on the front in her teal dress, headband and a nice array of jewels and floral covering the background. Jasmine is also holding the magic lamp waiting for the genie so she can make a wish.

This Disney Aladdin Princess Jasmine nightgown is available in a wide selection of kids sizes that range from size 4 to 8. Made to be light weight and very comfortable for many nights of wishes.

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buy Beauty And The Beast Stained Glass Dress

Beauty And The Beast Stained Glass Dress

Disney movie classics are awesome now you can get a timeless treasure with this Beauty And The Beast Stained Glass Dress.

On this dress you will see a vibrant colorful all over print of the famous stained glass seen in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. You will also see an image of Princess Belle in her yellow dress dancing with the beast as a Prince. There are other images that are seen in Beauty and the Beast found on this dress like the pink rose.

Available in a one size fits all with a huge range of sizes from XS to Large. Made to be comfortable and durable with a perfect amount of stretch. This Beauty and the Beast dress can be worn with a high neck or wear it backwards for a lovely scoop neck feature.

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buy Ariel Women’s Rhinestone Watch

Ariel Women’s Rhinestone Watch

For a great addition to your outfit have a look at the Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Women’s Rhinestone Watch.

This watch is based after the classic character Ariel The Little Mermaid from Disney. The face of the watch has a very soft pastel color sketch of Ariel with wavy hair and flowers around her.

Made to look amazing with alloy, gold plated and a very generous amount of rhinestones around the face and strap.

The Disney Ariel watch is adjustable in size with a five-link alloy bracelet that also features a fold-over clasp to secure it to your wrist. Made to be water resistant and has Quartz movement for a long lasting go to watch for many occasions.

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buy Disney Frozen Elsa Cake Pan

Disney Frozen Elsa Cake Pan

Disney’s Frozen has many fun characters and Elsa is a great one so why not get a cake pan that features the princess.

On this cake pan, you will find a detailed mold of the Disney Princess Elsa from the animated series of movies Frozen. Find a large head image of Elsa that you can follow a stencil and easily decorate all the details with icing.

Made from a high-grade aluminum the Elsa Disney Princess cake pan measures 7 1/2 inches x 11 inches x 2 inches. This cake pan is made by Wilton and is perfect for themed birthday parties.

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buy Cinderella Dancing Starlight 2000 Piece Puzzle

Cinderella Dancing Starlight 2000 Piece Puzzle

The wonderful world of Disney and a classic scene Cinderella dancing in the starlight is now available as a 2000 piece puzzle.

This jigsaw puzzle is absolutely stunning with so much detail you will find the classic scene where Cinderella is dancing with her Prince Charming underneath stars. With the castle in the background, a night garden full of flowers and lights.

This is a print of the well renowned Thomas Kinkade Disney artist that features 2000 puzzle pieces. When you have completed the Cinderella puzzle it measures 38 inches x 26 inches. The puzzle is very high quality and the colors are beautiful, vibrant and will be a showpiece for any Disney fan.

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