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Dalek Tumbler Set

Doctor Who Dalek Tumbler Set

The Doctor and the Dalek’s are not friends but still the Doctor likes to have a cold drink and these Dalek inspired tumblers are the perfect way to drink it.

These cups come in a set of 5 and each tumbler has it’s own color and the colors in the set are:
Yellow, Red, White, Orange and Blue.

A Doctor Who fan needs a drink to once in a while and these cups are just perfect as they look just like the Dalek that we have seen in the Doctor Who TV series.

The Dalek cups are double walled so that you drink stays cold and you hands stay warm.
It’s not recomended to used hot drinks in these cups.

The Dalek tumblers are made from BPA free plastic and are hand wash only.
And the cups have a resealable lid and straw.

If you want an army of Dalek’s then these 5 are a great start so come and get your Doctor Who 5 Dalek Tumbler Set.

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