buy Finding Nemo Lunch Box

Finding Nemo Lunch Box

Nemo lunch box from Finding Nemo

Are you looking for a cute lunch box for the kids?

This Finding Nemo lunch box is fun for the kids and great for the parents.

The lunch box can be taken apart and put in the dishwasher (except the front and back plate). The lunch box has a front and back plate that shows Nemo and against a sea background.

And in this Finding Nemo lunch box you find an icepack, sandwich box and two small snack boxes. And this lunch box offers extra’s to like different face plates or different boxes and even a bottle holder that you can connect to the Nemo box.

And if blue is not the color the kids want then no worries the Finding Nemo lunch box comes in many colors.

Get your kids ready for home made lunches and yummy snacks with thisĀ Finding Nemo Lunch Box.