buy Finding Nemo Bicycle Helmet

Finding Nemo Bicycle Helmet

If you like your child to look fun and be protected then you should get them this Finding Nemo Bicycle Helmet.

The people from Bell always seem to make the most adorable helmets that are also safe and great at protecting the head of children and  adults.

This helmet looks like Nemo the famous orange clownfish complete with little fins on the top and side.

You can get this helmet in two sizes so that kids ages 3 – 8 can enjoy being Nemo while riding their bikes, scooters, or maybe rollerblades.

So get the bicycle ready and adjust the helmet for the perfect fit.

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buy Kids Finding Nemo Backpack

Kids Finding Nemo Backpack

If your child loves Finding Nemo and needs a backpack then they just need this kid’s Finding Nemo backpack.

The backpack is black on the back and the adjustable straps are black too but the rest of this backpack looks like Nemo complete with his tail sticking out and Nemo just looks really happy.

The backpack is the perfect preschool backpack for your toddler or small child.

Now they can carry their snacks and maybe a small toy to preschool or a trip and as it is a Finding Nemo backpack it is just going to be something they want to keep wearing as it is Nemo.

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buy Finding Dory Toddler Onesie Pajamas

Finding Dory Toddler Onesie Pajamas

If your toddler like Nemo and Dory the surprise them with this Finding Dory toddler onesie pajama.

The footed pajamas are blue with orange neck and arm details and on the front, you can see under the sea with many fishes in the background but also Dory, Nemo, and even Hank the octopus.

The onesie pajama has a front zipper and comes in sizes 3T, 4T, and 5 and is made of flame resistant materials.

The kids are going to love sleeping in this sleep set and playtime in the morning will be happing in this Finding Dory pajama too.

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buy Finding Nemo Suitcase Cover

Finding Nemo Suitcase Cover

Suitcase covers are a great way to protect your luggage and make them easier to spot and now there is an amazing looking Finding Nemo suitcase cover.

The suitcase cover is available in 3 sizes and is highly stretchy so that it will fit almost any suitcase. The handles and wheels are accessible so that traveling with a covered suitcase is the same for you. But it is more difficult to get in and that will keep thieves out.

This suitcase cover shows Bruce the shark from Finding Nemo and he takes up most of the suitcase cover and in front of Bruce you can find Nemo and Dory and they are really scared of this huge shark.

Make traveling more fun by covering your suitcase in a Finding Nemo theme.

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buy Finding Dory Pajama Set (2 pairs)

Finding Dory Pajama Set (2 pairs)

Now you can have your girl wear Finding Dory pajamas as this set includes 2 pajamas and that makes it extra fun.

One pair of pajamas is light blue and a purple shirt front with on it Dory and Nemo and the text “She’s Fluent In Whale”. And the other pajama is pink and covered in Nemo And Dory.

This Finding Nemo pajama set is made from 100% cotton and is available in sizes for little and big kids so that you girl can get one Finding Dory pajama.

And these two pajama’s are also great for mitch match wearing the shirt and top of the other pajama so it’s almost like you get 3 pajamas for the price of two.

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buy Finding Nemo Personalized Ornament

Finding Nemo Personalized Ornament

If you like Nemo from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory then you are in luck because now there is an ornament with this adorable clown fish on it.

The round ornament shows Nemo at the bottom of the sea and below the fish, it has your name and the year printed right on the ornament (if you want) making it really special.

A personalized ornament is great to remember special years and if you get one every year then you will have an amazing tree full of special memories.

The porcelain ornament comes with a gold colored string to make it stay put in the tree this holiday season.

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buy Finding Nemo Hat And Glove Set For Kids

Finding Nemo Hat And Glove Set For Kids

This winter you child can be warm thanks to Nemo the fish from Finding Dory and Finding Nemo.

This winter wear set includes a hat and gloves that are themed around the clownfish called Nemo.

The Peruvian style hat will keep head and ears warm and look just like Nemo complete with fins on the side and on the top. The orange gloves also have an image of Nemo while swimming in a white bubble.

The Finding Dory winter wear set is one size fits most kids and if they like Nemo they are going to be so happy and warm this winter.

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buy Finding Dory Backpack And Lunch Bag Set

Finding Dory Backpack And Lunch Bag Set

If you are looking for cute backpack and lunch box then come check out this Finding Dory set.

The set includes a 16 x 12 x 5 inches backpack that shows Dory And Nemo happily swimming in the water and the backpack has a mesh pocket on the side for a water bottle or maybe a juice pack.

And then there is a lunch box that looks like Nemo just like we have seen him in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory and it even has fins on the side.

The lunch box will connect to the front of the backpack so that it is ready for lunch time.

Just imagine how happy your child would be if they would have this Finding Dory school set.

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buy Huggies One & Done Finding Dory Baby Wipes

Huggies One & Done Finding Dory Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are something you need about everywhere when you have a tiny baby and now there are Finding Dory baby wipes made by Huggies.

These Finding Dory wipes are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, plus MI-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free for a gentle clean and they have a nice scent to.

A wipe like this is great for messy babies and toddlers and it is even great for cleaning a change table in a store.

Why get a boring package of baby wipes when you can have a fun with with Dory and Nemo on it?

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buy Finding Dory Hide And Seek T-Shirt

Finding Dory Hide And Seek T-Shirt

This Finding Dory t-shirt shows Nemo and Dory playing hide and seek.

The t-shirt is available in styles for kids, men and women in many fun colors.

On the t-shirt you can see a fish bowl and in it you can find Nemo and hiding behind a treasure chest Dory.

Luckily for Nemo they are in a fish bowl because that makes finding Dory a lot easier and even a fun.

If you like cute fish and cartoons then wearing this t-shirt with Dory and Nemo is what you want.

No need to feed the fish as they are just printed on the shirt.

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