buy iZombie Liv Moore T-Shirt

iZombie Liv Moore T-Shirt

iZombie Liv Moore T-Shirt

If like iZombie then this Liv Moore t-shirt is what you want.

On this black women’s t-shirt you can see a portrait of zombie Liv with below it the iZombie logo and the text “Half Dead Fully Awesome” and in the background you can find a fingerprint and a brain.

It’s just a great fun t-shirt with Olivia as the zombie that eats brains of dead people and try to solve crime by doing so.

You can get this iZombie t-shirt in women’s junior sizes Small – 2XL and all are made from 100% cotton.

iZombie proves that not all zombies are bad and that would be one good reason to tell the world about Liv Moore by simply wearing this t-shirt.

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