buy iZombie Olivia Moore Pop! Figurine

iZombie Olivia Moore Pop! Figurine

iZombie Liv Moore Pop! Figurine

If iZombie is the zombie show of your choice then you are going to love this Olivia Moore Pop! figurine.

The figurine of Liv Moore is just what you expect a pale looking girl with white hair and as she works in the morgue¬†she is wearing her lab coat and in her hands you can find a bowl full of brains and a bottle of hot sauce as she can’t really taste much anymore as she is dead.

The 3 3/4 inches tall figurine of Liv is like most Pop! figurines that Funko makes a bit round but that is a great way to make them look fun and Oliva Moore definitely looks fun although she is a zombie so don’t put her on your nightstand as he may get hungry at night.

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