buy Jax Teller’s Old Lady Pajama Set

Jax Teller’s Old Lady Pajama Set

Sons Of Anarchy Jax Teller's Old Lady Pajama Set

Now you can feel a lot closer to Sons Of Anarchy thanks to this Sons Of Anarchy women’s pajama set.

The set includes a black t-shirt and pajama pants and the pants comes in a bunch of designs and colors so if you don’t like the black and white then maybe blue, red, or pink are better for you.

And on the pajama shirt, it says “Jax Teller’s Old Lady” and that is what every female fan wants to be and wearing the sleepwear will feel like you are.

The Sons Of Anarchy pajama set is made from 100% cotton and comes in women’s sizes Small – 2XL.

Lounging or sleeping while wearing this pajama you feel part of SAMCRO.

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