buy LEGO Movie Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech

LEGO Movie Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech

LEGO Movie Emmet's Construct-o-Mech

It’s time to battle the feared and evil Lord Buisness, are you ready?

Just simply build this Construct-o-Mech and you will be succesful.

This LEGO features the Construct-o-Mech an idea that master builder Emmit had come up with in the fun and cool movie The LEGO Movie, the Construct-o-Mech consists of many different construction site machines like two swinging wrecking balls, excavator bucket, steel roller and many more.

This Construct-o-Mech LEGO set has 709 pieces for you to build, it also includes one Emmet minifigure, two Skeletron figures, and one Angry Unikitty figure.

Become a master builder and build your own LEGO Movie Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech.