buy Emmet Awesome Baby Bodysuit

Emmet Awesome Baby Bodysuit

Your baby will look super cute in this Emmet Awesome Baby Bodysuit.

Emmet from the LEGO Movie is always fun and positive and pretty awesome and a great friend for your child and that is why this bodysuit is a great way to start the way to the LEGO universe.

This baby bodysuit is available in lots of colors and comes in sizes 6 – 24 months.

On the baby outfit it shows Emmet with his happy smile and he is holding up a rainbow and on it you find one of his favorite words and that is “Awesome”.

Get your infant a cute outfit and this could be the one.

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buy Everything Is Awesome Bodysuit

Everything Is Awesome Bodysuit

Dress up your baby in this cute Everything Is Awesome Bodysuit based on the LEGO movie.

People young and old love Lego and now you can start with babies all thanks to this cute snapsuit.

You can get this Lego movie bodysuit in lots of colors and sizes 6 – 24 months and the design is available as kids t-shirt too.

On the infant bodysuit you can see red and black circle on the background and it looks like Emmet the star of the Lego movie is jumping out of it screaming “Everything is Awesome!” as that is the text below his image.

No need for boring baby clothing when there are funny designs like this is available.

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buy Emmet Being Amazing T-Shirt

Emmet Being Amazing T-Shirt

If you like The LEGO movies and need a fun shirt then check out this Emmet Being Amazing T-Shirt.

This t-shirt is great for men and women and is available in different styles too and comes in many colors and in sizes Small – 3XL.

On this t-shirt, you can see Emmet in his famous orange outfit and it looks like he is going to work as he has a big smile on his face and is carrying coffee in one hand and his phone in the other and he is listening to his music and he also is wearing headphone.

If you like The LEGO movies then we know that everything is awesome and Emmet shows that by being so happy on this t-shirt.

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buy Emmet LEGO Alarm Clock

Emmet LEGO Alarm Clock

Now you can wake up awesome all thanks to this Emmet LEGO Alarm Clock.

The alarm clock looks like big LEGO pieces that are black and then on top of it you can see a LEGO figure of Emmet and he looks really happy to wake you in the morning.

The alarm clock also has light in it so that you can see it in the dark and it does run on AAA batteries and they are included so that it is ready to go.

So if you like LEGO and Emmet from the LEGO movies then this alarm clock will be a great item to have on your nightstand.

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buy LEGO Movie 2 All Over T-Shirt

LEGO Movie 2 All Over T-Shirt

Now there is this amazing LEGO Movie 2 All Over T-Shirt.

You can get this t-shirt in sizes Small – 3XL and it is unisex so that both men and women can enjoy it.

On the front of the shirt you can see a big picture of Emmet and Lucy and the logo of the LEGO MOVIE 2 and then on the back you can find Lucy and Emmet again and a bunch of other characters.

As this whole shirt is covered in the cool design everyone around you can enjoy lookign at it and it is great to wear yourself too if you like LEGO and movies.

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buy The LEGO Movie Emmet Child Costume

The LEGO Movie Emmet Child Costume

Bring the classic LEGO Movie to life by looking like the main character the builder Emmet.

This kids costume features Emmet looking like his every day job of a construction worker, find a blue long sleeve under shirt with orange pants and an orange vest that has a printed on design and to top it all off a red helmet hard hat.

The fun and cool Emmet costume is available in a wide variety of child sizes that range from 4 to 12 and included in this costume is the a hoodie and pants.

This is perfect for Halloween, costume parties or just everyday dress up.

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buy LEGO Movie Emmet the Special T-Shirt

LEGO Movie Emmet the Special T-Shirt

Emmet Brickowski became “The Special” unintentionally, but now your child can become just as special with this LEGO movie t-shirt.

Help your little one save the universe from the tyrant Lord Business with this soft feeling 100% cotton royal blue t-shirt. Emmet is seen on this shirt in his complete orange and blue construction vest and pants just as he is in the LEGO movie, right down to his lopsided smile.

This child’s t-shirt comes in sizes 4, 5/6 and 7 and has the official LEGO movie logo and “THE SPECIAL HAS ARRIVED” printed on it.

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buy LEGO Movie Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech

LEGO Movie Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech

LEGO Movie Emmet's Construct-o-Mech

It’s time to battle the feared and evil Lord Buisness, are you ready?

Just simply build this Construct-o-Mech and you will be succesful.

This LEGO features the Construct-o-Mech an idea that master builder Emmit had come up with in the fun and cool movie The LEGO Movie, the Construct-o-Mech consists of many different construction site machines like two swinging wrecking balls, excavator bucket, steel roller and many more.

This Construct-o-Mech LEGO set has 709 pieces for you to build, it also includes one Emmet minifigure, two Skeletron figures, and one Angry Unikitty figure.

Become a master builder and build your own LEGO Movie Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech.

buy The LEGO Movie Everything Is Awesome T-Shirt

The LEGO Movie Everything Is Awesome T-Shirt

If the song is not stuck in your head then “Everything is awesome Everything is cool when you’re part of a team Everything is awesome …”

It will be now 🙂

On the front of this t-shirt find the main character Emmet from the fun animated movie The LEGO Movie, he is taking a big step and has a smile on his face with the lyrics of the a fun song printed beside him “Everything Is Awesome”.

This is a women’s fitted t-shirt so it will fit snug and hug the bodies curves, made from 100% cotton it will be both durable and comfortable.

The LEGO movie t-shirt is available in sizes ranging from Small to 2XL and comes in a charcoal grey color.

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buy The LEGO Movie Emmet Kids Hoodie

The LEGO Movie Emmet Kids Hoodie

Do you have a little construction worker living in your house?

Now your child can look just like Emmet Brickowski from The LEGO Movie.

The front of the hoodie is orange and blue with silver lines and looks like Emmet’s construction vest and it has Emmets ID badge on the lower left side.

The back of this hoodie is orange and has the image of Emmet as he looks in the Lego movie. The hood is orange and the sleeves blue.

This amazing hoodie is 60% cotton and 40% polyester and comes in sizes 4 years, 5/6 years and 7 years.

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