buy My Little Pony Reversible Backpack

My Little Pony Reversible Backpack

My Little Pony Reversable Backpack with Rainbow Dash and Derpy

If you look at the picture above you will think wow a fun backpack of Rainbow Dash but that is not all you get with this backpack.

When you fold the backpack inside out you find something completely different. No longer a blue backpack it will now be grey and look like Derpy Hooves. So not only is this a My Little Pony backpack it is two My Little Pony backpacks in one.

You can change your backpack when ever you want making it really fun and special and each backpack has pony ears and the cutie mark on the side.
And of course the backpacks each have a big compartment and a little front compartment.

And the My Little Pony backpack is about 12 x 5 x 16 inch in size and that makes it ideal for school and fun.

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