buy McFarlane Sawyer Lost Figure

McFarlane Sawyer Lost Figure


Lost is ending soon and with that in mind maybe now is the time to finish your collection of Lost memorabilia.

And this action figure of Sawyer based on season 1 episode 20 is a great addition to the Lost collection.

Sawyer is 6″ and includes a full-scale replica of SAWYER’S LETTER.

Get a closer look at the Official McFarlane Sawyer Lost Figure Series 2 and get it today.

buy Batman Dark Knight Action Figure

Batman Dark Knight Action Figure

Batman Dark Knight Action Figure made by Mattel

Mattel made this great looking action figure of the Dark Knight, a real collector item and also a great toy.

This version of Batman stands 14″ tall and has huge wings that can fold in. This toy is great for young and old.

Read more about what others have to say about the Batman Dark Knight Action Figure by Mattel.

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buy The Simpsons Box Set “Ironic Punishment”

The Simpsons Box Set “Ironic Punishment”

Homer getting fead donuts by the devil

McFarlane is great in making toys from hit TV series and now they did a great job with this figure of the Ironic Punishment.

Remember when Home sold his soul to the Devil? right so now you can See Homer Simpson eat donuts lots and lots of donuts. You can actually feed them to him. This set comes with 200 donuts just like in the episode “The Devil and Homer Simpson” from Treehouse of Horror IV.

Go check out the McFarlane Toys – The Simpsons Ironic Punishment

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