buy Team Alice Tote Bag

Team Alice Tote Bag

Now there is this Team Alice Tote Bag so that you can show other Twilight fans what Cullen is your favorite.

This Alice Cullen tote bag is great and even comes in different colors and on the bag you can see a circle that has stripes in it and then on top of it all you can find Alice Cullen and below her there is a banner that says “Team Alice”.

So if you like Alice and would love to go shopping with her then you are in luck because taking this Twilight tote bag makes you take her where ever you go as her image is on the bag.

And you never know how much you want to take and that is why there are different sizes of this tote bag.

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buy Twilight Alice Tote Bag

Twilight Alice Tote Bag

Now shopping can be done in style with this Twilight Alice Tote Bag.

We didn’t forget about Alice Cullen and this tote bag shows that we didn’t.

If you are a big fan of the Twilight series then now you can get this tote bag that shows a picture of Alice o the front and the Twilight logo and then on the back it says “Alice” in bit text and below it in small print “I’m betting on Alice”.

So now you can have this Twilight tote bag and go shopping so that other can see that you didn’t forget about Twilight and Alice either.

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Breaking Dawn 2012 Calendar

Breaking Dawn 2012 Wall Calendar

TWI-Hard fan must have!!!

From The Twilight Saga series of movies this 2012 wall calendar is based on Breaking Dawn: Part 1. Featuring many characters and images from the awsome movie like Edward, Bella, Alice, Jacob, Rasalie, Jasper, Esme, Emmett, and Carlisle.

Hang this calendar on the wall, add it to your already Twilight themed room. The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn: Part 1 2012 wall calendar measures 11.5 inches x  11.5 inches when closed, and when opened 23 inches x 11.5 inches and is a 16 month calendar starting at September 2011 to December 2012.

Get your  Breaking Dawn 2012 Wall Calendar.

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Bella And Cullen Mousepad

New Moon mousepad with Bella Swan and Edward and other Cullen's

How about a nice new Twilight mousepad with Bella and Edward and some of the other Cullen members.

This mousepad is from high quality with a nonslip back to keep it in place while you are using it.

You mouse will feel all at home on this new Twilight Saga mousepad.

Go have a better look at the Bella And Cullen Mousepad.

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Alice Cullen Bookmark

Alice Bookmark for the real twilight fans

Alice Cullen is my favorite Twilight character and how I read and read with Alice by my site.

This Bookmark has Alice Cullen on it like she was in the Eclipse movie. Besides the bookmark part that goes in the book to mark you page there is a a tassel to  make the page easy to find back.

So if you love Alice and reading then there is no other way then ordering this Alice Cullen Bookmark.

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Eclipse Wall Calendar 2011

Eclipse 2011 Wall Calendar

The 2011 calendar of Twilight Eclipse will give you 16 months yes you did read 16 months of super sweet Twilight fun. And you can expect all the characters you are used to so Bella, Edward and Jacob are of course there but there is more for instance there is a whole month for my favourite Alice.

So need a calendar just get the Eclipse 2011 Wall Calendar.

And if you want you can even get one in French.

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