buy BB-8 Oversized Pool Float

BB-8 Oversized Pool Float

Now you can enjoy this BB-8 Oversized Pool Float and be on the water while people that see you will know that you are a Star Wars fan.

Pool floats are just a great way for kids to play in the pool but even adults can use this one to float around.

This Star Wars pool float is white and orange just like the real BB-8 droid only way flatter and this one feel softer making it just perfect for in the pool or at the beach.

Just inflate the float and you are ready to go and when you let the air out it fold flat making it great to taking with you when you go to the beach.

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buy Gamble With BB-8 T-Shirt

Gamble With BB-8 T-Shirt

Star Wars fan can now wear this funny Gamble With BB-8 T-Shirt.

On the shirt you can see BB-8 but this one is a bit different as it seems to be a slotmachine complete with a “You Win!” message and 3 times an 8 in the screen and there is a drawer for you winnings to and there are lots of coins in it.

It is a fun and different Star Wars t-shirt that is available in many colors and in styles for men and women and it comes in sizes Small – 10XL so that it will fit many true fans of this ball shaped Star Wars droid.

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buy LEGO BB-8 75187

LEGO BB-8 75187

If you are a Star Wars fan that likes to build then you should check out this LEGO BB-8 figurine.

The BB-8 LEGO set is number 75187 and includes 1106 pieces that will make a 9 inches tall and 5 inches wide and even comes with his own stand so that the Star Wars droid can be on display in your home.

This is a fairly big Star Wars set to build but it will be worth you time as it looks amazing and just building your own Star Wars droid will be lots of fun too and you can do it all by yourself or do it with friends or family.

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buy Star Wars BB-8 Christmas Sweater

Star Wars BB-8 Christmas Sweater

Now there is a Star Wars BB-8 Christmas sweater that you can show of at the holiday party this year.

The Star Wars Christmas sweater is unisex and that means that now there is a fun sweater for both men and women.

The sweater is red at shoulder level and the bottom part is green and in between it is white and there you can see what could be just typical Christmas decorations but they are actually BB-8 and Starkiller base balls making this sweater festive and perfect for a Star Wars fan.

You new BB-8 Christmas sweater is available in sizes Small – 3XL and is made from 100% cotton.

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buy BB-8 Ceramic Cookie Jar

BB-8 Ceramic Cookie Jar

If you like to eat cookies and watch Star Wars movies then you just need this BB-8 ceramic cookie jar.

This Star Wars cookie jar is 12 x 6 x 6 inches and it looks like a BB-8 figurine on a wooden base but it is all ceramic and you can take the head off BB-8 and that is how you get inside the cookie jar.

A cool cookie jar like this is made to last and this could be one of those items that can be passed on to other generations in your family. Get your own Star Wars heirloom that can store your favorite cookies.

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buy Star Wars BB-8 Cake Pan

Star Wars BB-8 Cake Pan

If a Star Wars birthday is what you are planning then check out this BB-8 cake pan so that you can bake the perfect cake.

The BB-8 cake pan is made from silicon and that makes it not only perfect for the oven but you could use it in the freezer too and that means you can make a normal cake or maybe an ice cream cake.

Star Wars fans will love the cake even if there is no icing on it as the cake is shaped just like the ball shaped droid with many of its body features build into the cake pan.

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buy BB-8 Droid Kitchen Timer

BB-8 Droid Kitchen Timer

Now you can time your cooking to the minute thanks to this Star Wars BB-8 kitchen timer.

The kitchen timer looks a lot like the real BB-8 only this droid comes on a nice Star Wars base and you can turn the top to choose the time.

Your new kitchen timer can be set between 1 and 60 minutes and BB-8 will make a bleep sound when time is up.

No more boring plain kitchen timers for you all thanks to this amazing looking Star Wars timer that is almost too nice to have in the kitchen.

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buy Star Wars BB-8 Christmas Stocking

Star Wars BB-8 Christmas Stocking

Now your Christmas decorations at home can include a Star Wars stocking that has BB-8 on it.

This 17 inches long Christmas stocking has a red background that also has the Star Wars logo on it and on top of all that a big picture of BB-8 one of my favorite droids.

And to make this BB-8 Christmas stocking even better they added sound effects to it that will play with you press the button on the top.

Bring Star Wars to your Christmas by adding this BB-8 stocking to you holiday traditions.

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buy Star Wars BB-8 Waffle Make

Star Wars BB-8 Waffle Make

All you want for breakfast is BB-8 waffles if you had the opportunity and that opportunity just became a reality thanks to this Star Wars BB-8 waffle maker that makes perfectly shaped BB-8 waffles.

The waffle maker just makes Star Wars waffles that looks like the ball droid and yes it does have ridges and edges to hold your syrup and other topics and those ridges all fit into the BB-8 droid design.

And yes this is an officially licenced Star Wars product that should be part of every Star Wars fan’s kitchen.

No more boring looking waffles thanks to this Star Wars waffle maker that makes BB-8 waffles.

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buy Star Wars BB-8 Beanie Hat

Star Wars BB-8 Beanie Hat

Star Wars fans that like a cool winter hat should check out this BB-8 beanie hat that is made just for them.

This 100% acrylic hat looks just like BB-8 the ball-shaped droid only, this time, the ball shape comes from your head as that is where the hat will live on cold days.

Made to fit most adults this BB-8 hat is just perfect for those cold days out.

The colors make this hat really look like BB-8 and having that on your head, of course, has to be fun.

And to top it all off they added a fun pompom on the top so that BB-8 even look more amazing.

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