buy Minnie Mouse Waffle Iron

Minnie Mouse Waffle Iron

Now there is this Minnie Mouse Waffle Iron that is great for preparing a fun breakfast.

The waffle maker is purple in color with on it Minnie Mouse herself and lots of hearts but it is all about the inside as there is where the waffles are being made.

The waffle maker creates waffles shaped like the head of Minnie Mouse complete with her big bow and the face is imprinted into the waffle too so that it is even more fun to eat this waffle.

Now eating breakfast will make you smile no matter how many waffles you eat.

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buy Star Wars Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Star Wars fans can now have the perfect breakfast all thanks to this Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker.

The Star Wars waffle maker makes perfectly shaped waffles that are not the boring shape but shaped just like the real Millennium Falcon.

This waffle maker has adjustable heath to make your waffle just like you want it and the non-stick waffle holder makes it super easy to get your Millennium Falcon out of the waffle maker when it is done.

Now your breakfast will go warp speed all thanks to Star Wars and the Millennium Falcon who just want to make sure you get a fun and filling breakfast.

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buy Death Star Waffle Maker

Death Star Waffle Maker

Star Wars has the Death Star and now you can build your own edible Death Star that you just may enjoy destroying piece by piece as you sit there and eat it waffle style.

This is a waffle maker that has the Star Wars logo on the lid while the inside is where the magic happens. Pour in your edible mixture of choice, perhaps waffles and when full cooked lift the lid and you will see the Death Star and all of it’s features.

Made to be very durable from stainless steel to last a long time this Star Wars Death Star waffle maker has a weighted lid, 5 temperature settings and dual indicator lights one to let you know it is warm and one to let you know when your waffle is ready.

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buy Stormtrooper Waffle Maker

Stormtrooper Waffle Maker

Star Wars fan can now eat Stormtrooper thanks to this Stormtrooper waffle maker.

The waffle maker makes nice round waffles that have the face of a Stormtrooper on it and that means you can eat Stormtroopers for breakfast when ever you feel like.

The waffle maker has 5 temperature settings so that you can bake the waffle you like best.

Now you need some Star Wars style toppings and you have the perfect breakfast food to start the day.

Stormtroopers have to taste good because if not then there would not be a waffle maker that makes Stormtrooper waffles.

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buy TMNT Waffle Maker

TMNT Waffle Maker

Breakfast time will be so much better if you have this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles waffle maker.

The waffle maker is just perfect if you love waffles and turtles as this makes nice round waffles with a mean looking Ninja Turtle printed into the waffle.

Now you can forget the boring plain looking waffles and go for what you really like and that is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Kids and adults can enjoy their Ninja waffles with the toppings of your choice making for the perfect start of the day in Ninja style.

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buy Captain America Shield Waffle Maker

Captain America Shield Waffle Maker

If you like waffles and Captain America then you should check out this Captain America shield waffle maker that makes perfect round shield waffles.

The blue waffle maker has an image of the shield of Captain America on it and inside you will see that it actually makes waffles that are shaped like the shield of Captain America. So no boring squares but a nice round waffle that has the star in the middle and ridged circles going outside making the waffles look amazing.

Now you can have a superhero breakfast by simply eating a shield of Captain America waffle every morning.

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buy Star Wars BB-8 Waffle Make

Star Wars BB-8 Waffle Make

All you want for breakfast is BB-8 waffles if you had the opportunity and that opportunity just became a reality thanks to this Star Wars BB-8 waffle maker that makes perfectly shaped BB-8 waffles.

The waffle maker just makes Star Wars waffles that looks like the ball droid and yes it does have ridges and edges to hold your syrup and other topics and those ridges all fit into the BB-8 droid design.

And yes this is an officially licenced Star Wars product that should be part of every Star Wars fan’s kitchen.

No more boring looking waffles thanks to this Star Wars waffle maker that makes BB-8 waffles.

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buy Frozen Olaf Waffle Maker

Frozen Olaf Waffle Maker

Frozen waffle maker for olaf waffles

Olaf definitely is my favorite character from the Frozen movie. I like Olaf so much that I would love to do breakfast with him.

And now you can’t just do breakfast with Olaf you can actually eat him as this is a waffle maker that makes Olaf Waffles.

Just put the waffle mix into this waffle maker and soon a yummy Olaf will come out ready to be eaten with you favorite toppings.

The Olaf waffle made by this waffle maker is not one big Olaf, he comes in piece and has to be build just like a real snowman.

Kids your and old will love some Olaf Waffles and that is why you want to get this Frozen Olaf The Snowman Waffle Maker.

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buy Disney Princess Waffle Maker

Disney Princess Waffle Maker

Disney Princess Waffle Maker

How do you make sure your waffles are fit for a princess?

No problem, a waffle that has a tiara print on it.

This is a waffle maker that on the outside is pink and features an image of three classic Diney Princess’s Snow White, Cinderella and Tiana, the handle also has an official Disney stamp logo and the indicator light has a heart set into it, what a nice touch for your princess.

The waffles that come out of this Disney princess waffle maker measure 6.5 inches in diameter and has a pressed desing of a princess tiara, the inside of the waffle maker is non stick so it is perfect for your little princess to take control in the kitchen and make waffles.

Start Baking today with the Disney Princess Waffle Maker.

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buy Elmo And Cookie Monster Waffle Maker

Elmo And Cookie Monster Waffle Maker

Sesame Street Elmo And Cookie Monster Waffle Maker

You know who like waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Elmo and of course Cookie Monster. And now you can have waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner that have Elmo and Cookie Monster on it.

This Sesame Street waffle maker makes perfect square waffles that have an impression of Elmo and Cookie Monster on them. Kids are gone love these waffles and yes adults to of course.

The yellow waffle maker is perfect for any home as it can be put away standing so that it takes up very little space in your pantry.

On top of the waffle maker there are you two favorite Sesame Street characters Cookie Monster and Elmo to.

Is it time for food yet? If so can we have waffles please made with this Sesame Street Elmo And Cookie Monster Waffle Maker.

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