buy The Smurfs Brainy Passport Cover

The Smurfs Brainy Passport Cover

The Smurfs Passport cover with Brainy Smurf

As we all know Brainy Smurf always (thinks) he know best but this time he might be right.

Brainy says that you should store you passport in a passport cover to keep it free of dirt and damages.
And to help us find the perfect passport cover he made one himself.

The cover is Smurf blu and says “The Smurfs” on top and has a big picture of Brainy Smurf on it.
It also has a little window that shows you the passport in it.

And this Smurfs Passport cover fits passports up to 3.5 x 5.25 inch.
This Passport cover also has room for ID / Credit Cards so that even those are safely kept.

Let’s thanks Brainy Smurf by having a closer look at this The Smurfs Brainy Smurf Passport Cover.

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Brainy Smurf Embroidered Patch

The Smurfs Brainy Smurf Embroidered Patch

This clothing patch looks just like Brainy Smurf the know it all Smurf that people don’t really seem to like much.

Now you can have this Smurf on your clothes or other cloth items like backpacks.

The patch is 2.75 x 4 inches and shows a nice blue Smurf with glasses and a big book.

If you need to patch some clothing or make it look more fun then this Smurf patch can just be ironed on or you can sew it on if you like.

Get ready for Brainy Smurf to be part of your life by ordering this Brainy Smurf Clothing Patch.

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The Smurfs Ball Point Pens

The Smurfs Ball Point Pens

The Smurfs, friendly little blue creatures always ready to lend a hand and help out.

This is a set of fine ball point pens that feature different Smurfs on each one, find Smurfette, Gutsy Smurf, Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf and other cool Smurf characters each with their name printed along with an image and fun colors surrounding them.

Collect all the Smurfs pens, packages come in sets of four. Show off your love for these cool little blue creatures and let them help you do some work or play.

Get your The Smurfs Ball Point Pens.

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The Smurfs Bookmark

The Smurfs bookmark

How about some more blue in your life.

With this Smurf bookmark that can be done pretty easy.

This bookmark is great to mark you pages so that  you know where you are in your favorite book.

On this bookmark you find a buch of Smurfs including Papa Smurfs, Brainy Smurf, Smurfette and many more.

Get ready to read with this The Smurfs Bookmark.

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buy The Smurfs Movie Holiday Bundle

The Smurfs Movie Holiday Bundle

Did you see the Smurfs movie? The one where they end up in New York city?

If not then what are you waiting for!

Now there is a fun combo set with Blu-Ray and DVD the set has 3 discs of fun waiting for you and your friends.

And if you get this holiday set you even get a special mini movie “The Smurfs A Christmas Carol”.

Get ready for the little blue creatures and start the movie.

Read More About The The Smurfs Movie Holiday Bundle

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The Smurfs Watch

The Smurfs wrist watch

The Smurfs are a fun bunch and now you can carry them around all day long and in return they will tell time.

This wrist watch shows a blue band with a picture of Brainy Smurf. And on the face of the watch you see Smurfette and Papa Smurf.

A great fun watch witch you can make any kid happy with.

And with a price of less then 5 dollars (including world wide shipping) this will be a great gift.

Have a look at all the pictures and information of this The Smurfs Watch.

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The Smurfs 6 Key Chains

Pappa, Smurfette, gutsy and brainy key chains from the Smurfs

The Smurfs are so fun and blue and now they can be hanging out with you all day long.

This set of 6 different Smurf key chains is great for you but also great to give to friends.

You can hang these nice key chains on your keys, backpack, jacket and many other fun places.

And yes this set of course has Brainy Smurf, Papa Smurf, Smurfette and Gutsy and yes even two more.

Expend you collection key chains and Smurfs with this set of 6 Smurf Key Chains.

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Brainy Smurf Flash Drive

Brainy Smurf USB thumb drive

We all need extra storage and what is more fun then having a USB flash drive that looks funny and better then the boring once your friends have.

This 8GB flash drive looks like Brainy Smurf. The flash drive even shows his glasses.

The USB drive is completly incased by plastic so normally nothing can harm it and when you want to use it just remove the head from the Smurfs body and there is your drive.

You just have to take a better look at this Brainy Smurf 8GB USB Flash Drive.

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The Smurfs Group Poster

Smurf group poster

The Smurfs movie was so much fun but what do we do now?

How about decorating your room with a nice Smurf movie poster.

This poster that is 22 x 34 inches is the perfect poster for you. It of course has all the cool Smurfs from the movie on it. All the Smurfs like Brainy, Gurtsy, Papa and of course Smurfette.

Have a closer and better look at this Smurf Group Poster.

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The Smurfs 2012 Calendar

Smurfs 2012 Wall Calendar

The Smurfs, fun loving little blue creatures are a cool way to keep track of the months and days of the year.

This 2012 calendar is based on The Smurfs movie with all your favorite Smurf characters inside. Also as a cool added bonus feature this calendar starts at september 2011. The Smurfs calendars size when closed is: 11.5 ” x  11.5″, Size when opened is: 23.0 ” x  11.5″, and is binded together with staples.

So order your The Smurfs calendar today and start keeping track now.

Get your The Smurfs 2012 Wall Calendar.

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