buy Santa Papa Smurf Christmas Ornament

Santa Papa Smurf Christmas Ornament

If you want a fun and festive ornament for in the Christmas tree then you should check out this Papa Smurf Christmas ornament.

The ornament is part of the Hallmark keepsake series and shows 2 inches tall Papa Smurf that is dressed up like Santa Claus and he even has a big bag of presents.

So this year Your tree can have a character with a white beard in your tree only this creature is blue as it is Papa Smurf and relooks pretty cool in the red costume he is wearing for the holiday.

Just hang Papa Smurf in your tree and if you are lucky he may leave your some presents under the tree from the bag he is carrying.

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buy Papa Smurf Christmas Sweater

Papa Smurf Christmas Sweater

If you like the Smurfs and want a fun Christmas sweater then this Papa Smurf Christmas sweater is just what you need.

The unisex sweater is made from 100% acrylic and looks really fun and warm.

The sweater is blue with red edges and on the blue, you can see white flowers and snowflakes and in the middle, Papa Smurf all dressed like a blue Santa Claus complete with a big bag of presents that he plans to deliver to all his Smurfs.

You can get this The Smurfs Christmas sweater in sizes XSmall – 3XL and they do run a little bit smaller so going one size up could be smart.

So men or women that want Papa Smurf to be part of their holiday celebrations should check out this fun ugly Christmas sweater.

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buy Have A Smurfy Christmas T-Shirt

Have A Smurfy Christmas T-Shirt

Of course the Smurfs like Christmas to and this t-shirt proves that.

On this green adult size t-shirt you can see snow, presents, Christmas tree and yes many Smurfs doing Christmas things. Smurfette is riding a sleigh that is pulled by Smurfs and Papa Smurf is playing Santa Claus.
Above the picture it says “Have A Smurfy Christmas”.

This fun t-shirt is a great replacement for an ugly Christmas sweater and can last many holidays.

You can get this Smurf Christmas t-shirt in sizes Small – 5XL and all are made from 100% cotton.

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buy The Smurfs Cupcake Rings

The Smurfs Cupcake Rings

Lets decorate some cupcakes for your Smurf birthday party.

These cupcake rings come in a pack of 12 and are shaped like Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and a normal Smurf.
Just imagine them in a cupcake they will look so cute.

And you can use them as party favors too. Or just get some plain colored napkins and use them as napkin rings that will look super cute too.

You Smurf party will be so much more fun thanks to these cupcake rings.

Enjoy planning your  Smurf party and you kid will enjoy all your hard work.

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buy The Smurfs Party Plates

The Smurfs Party Plates

The Smurfs Paper Plates

Are you planning a Smurf party?

If you are then the question is did you see these fun paper plates that have smurfs on it and that makes them great for all the Smurfs parties out there.

These square plates show a picture of Clumsy Smurf, Smurfette and Papa Smurf and they really want to be at your party.

The Smurfs paper plates come in a pack of 8 so that you are ready to go for you and your friends.

I think we agree that a Smurf party just need these The Smurfs Paper Plates.

buy Papa Smurf Adult Mask

Papa Smurf Adult Mask

Be papa smurf this Halloween with this Mask

Is Papa Smurf the look you like to go with?

If so then you are in luck this adult mask will make you look like the head Smurf even without being completely blue.

This Papa Smurf mask will fit most adults and fits over the head so that you will look like Papa Smurf.

So if you want to be a Smurf for your costume party or Halloween then you are in luck.

Come check out this Papa Smurf Mask.

buy The Smurfs Birthday Balloon

The Smurfs Birthday Balloon

The Smurfs Birthday Balloon

A Smurf themed birthday party of course needs a Smurf birthday balloon.

And this is the one you are looking for. On this foil balloon you can see Papa Smurf, Clucmsy Smurf and Smurfette and above them the text “Have a Smurfy Birthday”.

With a Smurfy balloon like this your kids party will be a hit. The Smurf balloon is 18″ in diameter.

Come check out this fun The Smurfs Birthday Balloon.

The Smurfs Ball Point Pens

The Smurfs Ball Point Pens

The Smurfs, friendly little blue creatures always ready to lend a hand and help out.

This is a set of fine ball point pens that feature different Smurfs on each one, find Smurfette, Gutsy Smurf, Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf and other cool Smurf characters each with their name printed along with an image and fun colors surrounding them.

Collect all the Smurfs pens, packages come in sets of four. Show off your love for these cool little blue creatures and let them help you do some work or play.

Get your The Smurfs Ball Point Pens.

Papa Smurf Pillow

Papa Smurf Pillow

How fun would it be to have a Smurf pillow?

I guess really fun and now you can get this Papa Smurf pillow. It is Smurf blue and looks like a flower and in the middle there is the face of Papa Smurf.

The pillow is made from a soft plush material and loves to used for any pillow job.

And with a pricepoint of less then 4 dollars this The Smurfs pillow makes a perfect gift to.

Comes order your Papa Smurf Pillow.


The Smurfs Faux iPad 2 Case

The Smurfs Faux Leather iPad 2 Case

Are you looking for the perfect iPad 2 case?

Look no further, these fun little blue creatures are here to help protect your iPad 2 from scratches, dents and dirt.

This iPad 2 case features a scene from The Smurfs movie on the front, leading the way is Papa Smurf and Smurfette looking out over the city.

The Smurfs  iPad 2 case is made from faux leather and has multiple positions for standing the iPad for use, also for clear sound there are vented holes over the speakers and all ports and buttons are accessible for use while the case is on.

Find your The Smurfs Faux Leather iPad 2 Case/Stand.