buy PAW Patrol Puppy Love Coloring & Activity Book

PAW Patrol Puppy Love Coloring & Activity Book

What is better then getting a Valentine’s day card?

Getting an coloring and activity book with stickers and all that themed around PAW Patrol.

This Puppy Love! activity book is great as gift for your little valentine or for their first kiddy crush.

Inside the PAW Patrol book you can find 32 pages of coloring and activities and there are 30 fun stickers with many of the PAW Patrol characters that you can stick all over inside the activity book or somewhere else you like to see cute puppies.

PAW Patrol is going to make Valentine’s day even more fun then it already is.

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buy Zootopia It’s A Hustle Activity Book

Zootopia It’s A Hustle Activity Book

Now there is an activity book perfect for kids that like animals that do things.

This activity book is based on the Disney movie Zootopia and has Judy Hopps right on the front in her police uniform.

Inside this 48 pages book you will find puzzles, games, coloring and much more. And to make the Zootopia book even better they even included two erasers based on of two characters Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde.

A fun activity book like this is great for keeping the kids busy while doing things they can learn from and that of course is great for both you and your child.

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buy Peppa Pig Coloring And Activity Pack

Peppa Pig Coloring And Activity Pack

If you need a fun way to keep your child busy then maybe this coloring and activity set from Peppa Pig would be just perfect.

The set includes 8 jumbo crayons and 72 pages of coloring and activities and all that in a small compact set that is perfect for on the go and at home.

The crayons are part of the package so that they always stay together and that makes it perfect as you never will forget them.

Just take them on trip that you want you child to be busy and you will wonder what is going on as they will be so happy to play with this Peppa Pig set.

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buy Harry Potter Coloring Book

Harry Potter Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are so popular right now that everyone is wanting to try one.

And if you are a Harry Potter fan looking for the right coloring book then you are in luck as this the Harry Potter coloring book.

Inside this coloring book you will find many scenes from the movies and books and now you can give it the colors you want them to have.

The paperback style coloring book has 96 pages and some of the Harry Potter pictures only use one page while others take two so that you can make the scene really come to life.

Any ways if you want to color and are above 8 years old then this could be the perfect coloring book.

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buy The Good Dinosaur Giant Coloring And Activity Book

The Good Dinosaur Giant Coloring And Activity Book

Spend even more time with the fun characters from The good Dinosaur with an activity book that is not only fun but it will also stimulate the brain and help your little one learn.

This is a giant coloring book that features all of the cool animated characters from the Disney Pixar movie of The Good Dinosaur like Arlo, Spot and more, it is titled “A WILD ADVENTURE!”.

Inside not only do you get to color in giant images there is also stickers, mazes and puzzles, this book is also great to take with you as it has a big handle to easily grab it and go.

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buy Frozen Giant Coloring Book

Frozen Giant Coloring Book

Crayola Frozen Giant Coloring Pages

Kids (and adults) love colouring and if you like Frozen then this is the colouring book you want.

It’s not the average coloring book, it’s giant coloring pages that you can easily take out of the book for easy coloring and for decorating.

The Frozen coloring book is made by Crayola and has 18 color pages that are 12 3/4 x 19 1/2 inch making them the perfect size for small kids as the pictures are big.

And yes of course all the main character will be there to color. Anna, Elsa and of course Olaf will be one of the first you can give some color.

Don’t wait come and get your Crayola Frozen Giant Coloring Pages.

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buy Frozen Color N Style Kids Purse

Frozen Color N Style Kids Purse

Disney Kids Frozen Anna And Elsa Coloring Handbag

Is the weather keeping your kids inside?

How about surprising them with a fun art project?

This is a kids purse that comes with a picture of Anna and Elsa from Frozen on it but it’s not colored in yet. But the Frozen bag does come with permanent markers and gem stickers.

So now the kids can work hard to make their own perfect Frozen handbag that the then can show of to all their friends as they did make it all themselves.

Colouring time is so much better then TV time as it make your kid do things and think about what colors to use where.

So lets make some kids happy with this Frozen Color N’ Style Handbag.

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buy Caillou Large Coloring Pad

Caillou Large Coloring Pad

Caillou is a wonderful children’s show that was based on the books by Christine L’Heureux. He is such an inquisitive young boy and loves to explore the world around him. If you have a young one in your life you may know all about him.

The cover of this coloring pad has so many vibrant colors that you can’t wait to get inside.

There are 24 coloring pages inside to develop your little ones fine motor skills with crayons. It will also build their imagination with as many color combinations as they want.

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buy Princess Coloring Pages With Markers

Princess Coloring Pages With Markers

Princess Coloring Pages With Markers

This is the ideal coloring kit for kids that like Princesses.

The kit looks like a book and when you open it you find 6 coloring markers and on the other side you find 80 coloring pages.

The pages are loose but are easy to take out and put back so that this becomes the ideal storage for the art works as well.

With a coloring book like this you  will be set for trips and rainy days.

And the Crayola markers are washable so no worries if it acidently ends up on the clothes.

It’s doesn’t matter if you kids like Ariel, Cinderella, Bella or any other Disney prinsess they are all there ready to be colored.

Come and have a closer look at this amazing Disney Princess Coloring Pages Set.

buy Scooby-Doo Giant Coloring Pages

Scooby-Doo Giant Coloring Pages

Scooby-Doo Giant Coloring Pages

Kids and adults love the crazzy dog called Scooby-Doo.

And if after seeing the cartoon you still like to have fun with Scooby then a nice coloring book would be great.

And that is where this giant color book comes int.

This Crayoloa coloring book is not just like a normal coloring book no this has giant coloring pages and that is much more fun to color and when you are done you have your own colored Scooby-Doo poster.

This giant color pages book comes with 18 pages of fun and really it is so much bigger that it becomes extra fun.

Come and have a better look at this Scooby-Doo Giant Coloring Pages.

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