buy Ariel The Little Mermaid Baking Cups

Ariel The Little Mermaid Baking Cups

Now there are Ariel The Little Mermaid Baking Cups that are just made to make little kids happy.

Cupcake liners are mostly boring and plain but that doesn’t have to be because these baking cups from Wilton have Ariel as the Little Mermaid on it and that just make cupcakes look way more fun.

The baking cups come in a pack of 50 so there are plenty for when you are doing some baking.

If you are doing an Ariel or Little Mermaid party then cupcakes are great especially when they are served in these cute liners.

And besides for cupcakes you can use these baking cups to for holding treats and others stuff.

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buy Disney Frozen Elsa Cake Pan

Disney Frozen Elsa Cake Pan

Disney’s Frozen has many fun characters and Elsa is a great one so why not get a cake pan that features the princess.

On this cake pan, you will find a detailed mold of the Disney Princess Elsa from the animated series of movies Frozen. Find a large head image of Elsa that you can follow a stencil and easily decorate all the details with icing.

Made from a high-grade aluminum the Elsa Disney Princess cake pan measures 7 1/2 inches x 11 inches x 2 inches. This cake pan is made by Wilton and is perfect for themed birthday parties.

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buy Minion Baking Cups

Minion Baking Cups

If you little Minion love Minions then organizing a Minion party would be a great way to surprise them with their birthday.

And a birthday needs cake or cupcakes and these baking cups from Wilton will help make delicious cupcakes that have a Minion theme.

These baking cups have Minions all over them and those little yellow creatures are ready to party.

In each set there are 50 Despicable Me baking cups that of course can be used for other things besides cupcakes as well. Maybe but snacks out in them so that they are easy to get by kids hands without making a mess.

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buy Spider-Man Cake Pan

Spider-Man Cake Pan

Spider-Man wilton cake pan

Are you throwing a Spider-Man theme party?

Every party needs to have a cake so why not start by making a cool amazing Spider-Man cake made in this Spider-Man cake pan.

This awesome Spider-Man cake pan features Spider-Mans face in the middle of the pan with a web design around his face.

It is a aluminum cake pan made by Wilton and holds any 2-layer cake mix and measures 9.5 x 14 x 2 inches in size.

You and your friends will have some fun games and adventures at your Spider-Man theme party.

Enjoy a piece of cake made in this cool amazing Spider-Man Cake Pan.

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buy Thomas The Train Cake Pan

Thomas The Train Cake Pan

Thomas The Train Cake Pan

A birthday needs a cake and there is only one cake you want for a Thomas the Train themed party and that is of course a Thomas cake.

This cake pan made by Wilton makes the perfect Thomas the Tank Engine cake.

And this cake pan even comes with decoration instructions so that you can make it look just like the real Thomas.

With a cake shaped like Thomas the train your birthday will be perfect and it so make the theme of the party stand out.

No more plain square flat cakes when you can have one that just is shaped like a train all the kids recognize.

Come and get your Thomas The Train Cake Pan.

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buy Wall-E Birthday Candle

Wall-E Birthday Candle

Wall-E cake Candle

If you wonder what kind of candle goes on a Wall-E cake then we have the answer.

This Wall-E candle is perfect for any cake but specially a Wall-E cake.

The candle shows Wall-E the fun yellow robot against a star filled background and below it there it has his name.

Burning this candle will be sad as it is so cute but still you found the perfect candle for your cake.

And this Wall-E birthday candle is made by Wilton and that means a great quality so that you are sure the candle will burn at you birthday.

You just have to take a closer look at this Wall-E Birthday Candle.

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buy Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter Set

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter Set

What goes best in a Mickey Mouse cookie jar?

Yes Mickey Mouse cookies and they are best if you bake them yourself.

This set of two cookie cutters will help you with that as they are both Mickey Mouse faces.
One is the famous one with the two ears (witch could be Minnie Mouse to) and one from the side.

And as these cutters are made by Wilton you know that they will last.

The cutters are made from coated metal to keep them in perfect condition.

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buy PowerPuff Girls Birthday Candle

PowerPuff Girls Birthday Candle

The Powerpuff Girls candle

One item that can’t be missing from the Powerpuff Girls birthday party is the birthday candle.

And this is a real Powerpuff Girl birthday candle. It has Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles all on the candle and of course they are ready to party.

This Powerpuff Girls candle is made by Wilton and that means a quality product for any party.
And this birthday candle is about 3 1/2″ tall and 2″ wide.

Get ready for the birthday party and start with this The PowerPuff Girls Birthday Candle.

buy Star Wars Darth Vader Baking Cups

Star Wars Darth Vader Baking Cups

Star Wars baking became better again.

Now you can make delicious cupcakes and make them Star Wars themed with these baking cups.
On the botem of the cups you see Darth Vader holding his light saber and the side is coverd with the Star Wars logo.

The cups come in a pack of 50 and they are not only great for cupcakes they are great for party storage of candies and stuff to.

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buy Toy Story Baking Cups

Toy Story Baking Cups

There is the alien from Toy Story printed on this Wilton baking cup and there is more of you favorite characters like Buzz and Woody on the side of this cupcake cup.

These cups are great for making Toy Story cupcakes or to store other things like candies in for your party.

And with all you Toy Story friends ready to party these baking cups will make it even better.
50 Toy Story baking cups are found in one pack so plenty for a nice size party.

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