buy Frozen Action Figure Play Set

Frozen Action Figure Play Set

Disney Frozen 6 figures to play with

Do you want to play the Frozen story at home?

If so then you need the main characters and this play set has 6 of them.

In this Frozen action figure set you can find:

  • Elsa the Snow Queen
  • Princess Anna
  • Kristoff
  • Hans
  • Sven the reindeer
  • Olaf the Snowman

These characters are up to 4 inch tall and are made from plastic.

Kids will love to see their favorite movie character and will have many adventures to have with them.

Just keep in mind this Frozen toy is for kids 3+.

Lets make some kids happy with this Disney Frozen Action Figures Play Set.

buy Frozen Anna And Elsa Backpack

Frozen Anna And Elsa Backpack

Disney Frozen Anna And Elsa Backpack

If you kids into the Disney movie Frozen and they like pink then they will love this backpack.

This pink backpack shows a big picture of the sisters Anna and Elsa from the Frozen movie.

And this backpack is great for almost any occasion, you can take it to school, daycare, camp, work or just to play with.
The backpack has two compartments and mesh side pockets.

And if your kid looses things easily then now you can get this bag personalized with their name so that it will be clear who’s bag it is.

Get ready for a cold winter and enjoy this Disney Frozen Anna And Elsa Pink Backpack.

buy Frozen Snow Globe

Frozen Snow Globe

Frozen Snow Globe

Lets wind up this Frozen snow globe so that it will start playing “Let it go!” while it starts snowing on Elsa, Anna and snowman Olaf.

This Disney snow globe will bring back memories of the fun Frozen movie and their characters.

The sisters Anna and Elsa are standing tall besides Olaf and don’t worry if you shake the globe Olaf will not fall apart.

At 7 inch the hight of this snow globe is perfect and the resin base is all decorate to fit with the Frozen theme. And Yes the globe is made from real glass so keep an eye on the little once while they make it snow.

Come and have a closer and better look at this Frozen Snow Globe.

buy Frozen Christmas Ornament Set

Frozen Christmas Ornament Set

Frozen Christmas Ornament Set

Christmas is the time of year that snow is preferred and with these ornaments from the movie Frozen that goal will be a little bit closer.

This Christmas ornament set includes 3 special ornaments. There are ornaments of Anna, Elsa and Olaf in this set and all will look stunning in your Christmas tree.

Of course snowman Olaf will be the closest thing to snow but with Elsa making thing freeze it could happen. And of course Princess Anna will be there to make the tree look really pretty and she will enjoy some snow to.

Let start decorating the tree with this Frozen Christmas Ornament Set

buy Frozen Anna And Elsa Boots

Frozen Anna And Elsa Boots

Frozen Anna And Elsa Boots

When your world freezes up you want some warm feet.

And luckily there are these boots based on the Disney movie Frozen.

These moccasin style boots are decorated with a nice picture of Anna and Elsa witch is embroidered on the boots.

Kids are gone love these boots with the newest Disney princesses on it.

And these Frozen boots come in sizes 8 – 12 and make a great gift.

Surprise you Disney loving kids with these fun Frozen Anna And Elsa Boots