buy Kids PAW Patrol Slippers

Kids PAW Patrol Slippers

Some super cute Kids PAW Patrol Slippers are a great way to make your child wear something on their feet at home.

These PAW Patrol slippers are come in a bunch toddler and kids sizes 5 – 11 for the perfect fit.

Each of the slippers look different one of them has Skye on it and the other one is Everest and there cute little face are right on the front including the cute little puppy ears.

The slippers have elastic around the top so that they stick around the feet and the bottom has nonslip on them so that they are great footwear for an active kid that loves PAW Patrol.

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buy PAW Patrol Sandals

PAW Patrol Sandals

Now there are fun PAW Patrol Sandals for kids that love sandals and puppies.

These kids sandals come in sizes 5 – 12 and are like flip flops with a strap on the back so that they stay on your child’s feet.

These sandals are really fun and colorful and they show both Skye and Everest on it.

As you can see these PAW Patrol flip flops are just amazing looking and really colorful and fun.

I am sure that the girls will love to wear these all summer long and as they can put them on themselves it is just the perfect footwear for when they quickly want to go outside to play.

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buy PAW Patrol Cake Topper Image With Skye, Everest And Marshall

PAW Patrol Cake Topper Image With Skye, Everest And Marshall

This PAW Patrol edible cake topper image is what you need to transform your cake into a true PAW Patrol birthday cake.

You can use your own baked cake or a store bought blank cake and just put the image on the icing and your cake became a PAW Patrol cake.

The cake topper image shows 3 dogs and below it a bone that says “PAW Patrol” on it. And the puppies on the cake image are Everest, Skye, and Marshall.

I am sure anyone at your party is going to love the cake and I think everyone would like to bite into one of these puppies.

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buy Pink PAW Patrol Kids T-Shirt

Pink PAW Patrol Kids T-Shirt

Your little girls is gone love you even more when you surprise her with this pink PAW Patrol t-shirt.

This kids t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is available in sizes 4 – 6x.

On this pink t-shirt you can see the words “PAW Patrol” with hearts in it and below that you find 3 sweet dogs posing.

You can see Skye in the middle with Marshall and Everest on the sides and they all look so happy that your child got this t-shirt as they are all smiling.

Every kid loves puppies and having them on their t-shirt makes their lives so much better.

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buy PAW Patrol Little Girls Nightgown

PAW Patrol Little Girls Nightgown

If your little girl love PAW Patrol then this nightgown would be perfect for her.

The nightgown is white but is covered in images of Skye and Everest and besides the two pups there is also the PAW Patrol logo in pink and light blue and some more doggy things like bones and such.

You can get this PAW Patrol nightgown in toddler sizes T2, T3 and T4 and it’s made from 100% polyester and it’s flame resistant and extra soft.

Just imagine the smile on your little girls face when she sees this fun nightgown of her favorite show PAW Patrol.

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buy PAW Patrol Pink Backpack

PAW Patrol Pink Backpack

If you love those very cute puppies from the Nickelodeon show PAW Patrol then now you can take them on all your adventure with this really cool backpack that is perfect for school, books, toys, trips and more.

This backpack is mainly pink in color and features the PAW patrol characters of the white dog Everest and the smaller brown dog of Sky, both sitting and waiting to spring into action.

Made to be very durable and is considered a large backpack that measures 16 inches and features five compartments. Two separate front zipper pockets, two heavy duty side mesh pockets and a large main compartment, all zippers are upgraded zippers to take that wear and tear.

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