buy Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

Paw Patrol has many characters all who are ready to help out and save the day. If you love Marshall the dog who is a firefighter the you will need to check out this ultimate rescue fire truck.

This fire truck comes complete with everything you need to fight a fire, the truck has a two foot extendable ladder, roll out mini cart and you can open up the lookout cab to move the working claw arm.

You will also get the Marshall figure and the fire truck comes with working water cannon to launch up to three water cannons.

Combine this ultimate rescue fire truck with other Paw Patrol figures and have loads of fun helping out to save the day. What a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays or any occasion.

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buy PAW Patrol Speedster Sled

PAW Patrol Speedster Sled

If the kids like to play in the snow and they like puppies then this PAW Patrol speedster sled is what the need.

The sled is made for fun in the snow and on the top you can find two handles and besides that it is decorated in PAW Patrol style with the famous logo on top and then you can find Chase and Marshall as they are playing in the snow.

The PAW Patrol sled is made from soft foam and is light in weight so that you kid can carry it up the slope. And the speedster sled is rated ages 3+ so even mommy or daddy could give it a try.

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buy Kids PAW Patrol Trampoline

Kids PAW Patrol Trampoline

If your little one has a lot of energy then you should check out this PAW Patrol trampoline.

This mini trampoline is made for kids ages 1 -3 and has a nice handle bat so that they can hold on when jumping up and down.

The trampoline has a red and green cover around it and the handle bar is covered in an image of Marshall the PAW Patrol Dalmatian pup.

Kids are going to love just jumping up and down and by doing so they will burn a lot of energy.

And as it is a PAW Patrol mini trampoline the kids really will like it as it has Marshall on it.

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buy Marshall Water Bottle

Marshall Water Bottle

If you are looking for a PAW Patrol water bottle then you should check out this Marshall water bottle.

The water bottle is made of stainless steel and comes in sizes 18 and 24 oz and in many colors.

On the PAW Patrol bottle, you can see Marshall and fire behind him and his name below him and besides all that there is lots of this like stars and dog bones.

So if you like a PAW Patrol bottle for yourself or your child then this Marshall bottle is cool and just perfect for school.

The water bottle is made of 18/8 stainless steel and is lightweight and is 100% BPA free.

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buy PAW Patrol Car Seat

PAW Patrol Car Seat

If your child loves PAW Patrol and needs a car seat then check out this PAW Patrol car seat that has Marshall on it and is just perfect at keeping your child safe and secure while on the backseat of your car.

The car seat is perfect for kids that like Marshall as this famous PAW Patrol character can be found sitting on the back of this car seat so your buddy is always there when traveling.

And this car seat is good for kids weight 22 – 100 lbs and has all the safety features you want and exceeds mosts standards (click the Buy Now button to read about them). It even has an adjustable headrest and built-in harness to make it perfect for kids in many age groups.

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buy PAW Patrol Pups Lamp

PAW Patrol Pups Lamp

Now you can light up the room of you child with this fun PAW Patrol table lamp.

The table lamp has a cool shade that has a light blue background and on that, you will find Chase, Marshall, Rubble, and Rocky and even the PAW Patrol logo.

It’s just a fun lamp that will make a child that loves PAW Patrol really happy.

And if you don’t want a table lamp but still want to light up a room PAW Patrol style then you can also get the same design on a smaller standing lamp or a hanging lamp and even just as a lamp shade.

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buy PAW Patrol Marshall, Chase, And Skye Racers

PAW Patrol Marshall, Chase, And Skye Racers

Now there is a PAW Patrol toy set for kids that love Marshall, Chase, and Skye.

This is a car set with 3 vehicles with their PAW Patrol puppy inside it. So you will find them all ready to race to the rescue and ready to be part of a new adventure.

And because there are 3 cars in the set you child is going to be able to play even more cool stories. Chase in his police car is ready and so are Skye and Marshall to play for hours on end just to make your child really happy.

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buy PAW Patrol Marshall Christmas Outdoor Inflatable

PAW Patrol Marshall Christmas Outdoor Inflatable

This Christmas you can have a 4 feet tall inflatable Marshall from PAW Patrol in your yard.

This outdoor inflatable shows Marshall at his best wearing his typical outfit and because it is Christmas he has a Christmas stocking in his mouth.

Kids and adults are going to love seeing this big puppy sitting there just staring at everyone that passed by.

And this PAW Patrol inflatable will pump itself up in no time at all and even has a built in light.

This Marshall Christmas outdoor inflatable includes everything you need to have a fun dog in your yard this holiday season.

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buy PAW Patrol Marshall Dog Costume

PAW Patrol Marshall Dog Costume

If you want your dog to look like Marshall from PAW Patrol then you need this dog costume.

The PAW Patrol dog costume is perfect for if you have a dalmatian of course as that is what Marshall is but it works on different dog breeds too.

The costume has a jacket in red with a flame badge on the front and it comes with a fireman’s hat too, to make it look just like Marshall looks like in the PAW Patrol series.

You can get this dog costume in sizes Small – XL and I am sure it will look adorable on your dog.

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buy PAW Patrol Cake Topper Image With Skye, Everest And Marshall

PAW Patrol Cake Topper Image With Skye, Everest And Marshall

This PAW Patrol edible cake topper image is what you need to transform your cake into a true PAW Patrol birthday cake.

You can use your own baked cake or a store bought blank cake and just put the image on the icing and your cake became a PAW Patrol cake.

The cake topper image shows 3 dogs and below it a bone that says “PAW Patrol” on it. And the puppies on the cake image are Everest, Skye, and Marshall.

I am sure anyone at your party is going to love the cake and I think everyone would like to bite into one of these puppies.

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