buy Lord Of The Rings Mini Plush

Lord Of The Rings Mini Plush

Bring the amazing movie The Lord Of The Rings to life in front of your very own eyes with these cool mini plush toys. They come in four different characters to chose from Frodo, Legolas, Gandalf, or an Orc. Each one comes with a cool type of plastic weapon sewn on so you can reenact any scene.

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Donald Duck Figurine

Quality for the serious Disney collector!

Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold a Disney classic. Any Disney collector will need this item, it is a porcelain figurine with Donald Duck and his parrot Yellow Beak finding a hidden treasure. This figure is high quality made with a trusted brand name of accents like Crystallized Swarovski. Also sculpted by Disney’s brilliant sculpter Bruce Lau. Do not let this get away from your collection.

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The Simpsons Couch Statue

All of your favorite Simpsons on the couch, just where we see them time after time on the hit T.V. series The Simpsons. They are dressed and ready for another year of halloween. This is a must have for any collector, it has amazing detail and a great quality product.

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buy Patrick Star Action Figure

Patrick Star Action Figure

Here it is a statue of Spongebob’s best friend in the whole world Patrick Star.

This version of Patrick is almost 4.5″ tall and a great addition to your SpongeBob collection.

If you would love to have your own figure of Patrick the super funny and not really smart start fish then this figurine could be just perfect.

I am sure you want to have a closer look at Patrick so click on the picture to see if from different sides.

Even SpongeBob Squarepants would love to have this figure of Patrick because then he can always have a reminder of his fun friend when ever he looks at the statue.

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buy The Simpsons Box Set “Ironic Punishment”

The Simpsons Box Set “Ironic Punishment”

Homer getting fead donuts by the devil

McFarlane is great in making toys from hit TV series and now they did a great job with this figure of the Ironic Punishment.

Remember when Home sold his soul to the Devil? right so now you can See Homer Simpson eat donuts lots and lots of donuts. You can actually feed them to him. This set comes with 200 donuts just like in the episode “The Devil and Homer Simpson” from Treehouse of Horror IV.

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Tintin Explorers On The Moon Figurine


Tintin explorers on the moon statue

This Tintin figurine is just like the scene in the Tintin Explorers On The Moon book.

You see Tintin and Snowy in spacesuits flying in zero gravity above a piece of moon rock.

A figurine like this is fun to add to your collection or to just put on your desk at work. It’s fun to see how people thought of space travel when this Tintin story was written.

Come have a closer and better look at this Tintin Explorers On The Moon Figurine.