buy Alice In Wonderland Oriental Partition Screen

Alice In Wonderland Oriental Partition Screen

Alice in Wonderland Oriental Partition Screen

If you are looking for the next piece of decor for your home or office that will be a conversation piece? This will be that next classic piece you have been looking for. A Japanese inspired room partition screen is sure to please.

Lewis Carroll’s book Alice in Wonderland tells of a magical place with lots of strange and wonderful creatures. This room partition has some amazing illustrations of the Cheshire Cat, the Caterpillar and Alice herself. Simply stunning.

The size of this screen is approximately 71 inches tall by 16 inches wide and 5/8 inches thick. It weighs about 10 pounds and is made of poly-cotton canvas wrapped around wooden spruce frames. It is light, portable and very durable.

Put yourself in your own wonderland with the Alice in Wonderland Folding Screen.

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buy Batman VS Superman Room Divider

Batman VS Superman Room Divider

Batman VS Superman Room Divider

Do you have a hard time choosing between Batman and Superman?

You are in luck as this folding screen room divider has both Superman and Batman. Each side of this room divider shows a different superhero.

This room divider is great to divide a sleeping room so that two people can be there and still have their own space and their own superhero.

A folding screen like this is also great for hiding toys and stuff.

The screen is has a wooden frame with on it the canvas print of the superhero’s and the screen is 6 feet tall so that most people can’t peek over it.

If you are looking for a divider for your space then come see this Batman VS Superman Room Divider.

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buy Star Trek Room Divider

Star Trek Room Divider

Star Trek divider screen

Are you tired of sharing a room with you sibling, roommate in collage, or just with the roommate you live with?

Well, if your a Star Trek fan then this cool Star Trek canvas room divider can solve all your problems and give you your privacy back.

This cool Star Trek room divider features digital enlargement photos of Captain Jean Luc Picard on one side and Commanding Officer William Riker on the other side.

It is a 6 foot high canvas room divider that is mounted on a mitered wood frame and has a convenient double hinged design.

Make your shared room into two rooms now with this cool Star Trek Room Divider.

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buy Taz and Tweety Room Divider

Taz and Tweety Room Divider

Are your always fighting with your brother/sister because you have to share a room? Are you a Looney Tunes fan?

Well, fight no longer with this cool Taz and Tweety canvas room divider you can divided the room equally. It will be like you have your own room and no more fighting.

This Tweety and Taz canvas room divider is blue with a big picture Tasmanian devils head on one side showing his big teeth smile ready to eat Tweety bird. On the other side is a cute big picture of Tweety birds with a cute little birdie smile.

Read More About The Taz and Tweety Room Divider

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buy Thomas And Percy Room Divider

Thomas And Percy Room Divider

Thomas And Percy Room Divider

Does the kids room look like a big explosion of toys?

With a room divider screen this can be a thing of the past. You can place it so that all the stuff is behind the screen when the kids are done playing. And this divider screen has Thomas and his best friend Percy on it.

This folding screen shows Thomas on onside and Percy on the other side.

The Thomas & Friends divider screen is 4 feet high ideal for parents to peek over and has 4 panels so that you can easily place it and adjust it.

No you can siperate kids and things with the Thomas And Percy Room Divider.

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buy Spongebob And Patrick Room Divider

Spongebob And Patrick Room Divider

Spongebob And Patrick Room Divider

This folding screen room divider is not just a simple wooden divider that is boring NO this wooden room divider has amazingly fun pictures on it.

On each side of this divider there is a scene of Spongebob Squarepants and his friend Patrick Star. Both sides are different and both are lots of fun.

The screen has 4 panels and it stands 6 feet tall making it perfect for hiding parts of a room or maybe just stuff that you don’t want to see.

With Patrick and Spongebob having so much fun I am sure that you kid is gone love this divider and all his friends to.

Come have a look at both sides of this Spongebob And Patrick Room Divider Screen.

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buy Hello Kitty Room Divider

Hello Kitty Room Divider

Hello Kitty Face Room Divider

Why have a boring folding screen as room divider when you can have Hello Kitty to divide the room.

This screen is 6 feet tall and shows a picture of Hello Kitty on each side and her name “Hello Kitty” one side of this folding screen has a red background and the other side has a blue background. Both are great and click on the picture above to see the other pictures of this screen.

The Hello Kitty folding screen has 3 panels that together become and amazing divider.

It is almost like a giant poster but with the added benefit that it can divide or hide parts of a room.

If you like Hello Kitty then you should check out this Hello Kitty Folding Screen.

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buy Spingfield Town Map Folding Screen

Spingfield Town Map Folding Screen

The Simpsons Spingfield Town Map Folding Screen

Are you looking for the perfect room divider?

If you like the Simpsons then this one is perfect. This folding screen has 6 panels and they together make a map of Springfield. You can see all kind of memories from famous episodes there of course is the church, power plant and the school but there is much more and only a true fan of the Simpson family can enjoy this.

The screen stands 6 feet tall making it a perfect screen to hide things in your room and both sides of the folding screen have the same picture so there will no longer be a boring corner in your room.

Come and have a closer look at the picture and details of this The Simpsons Spingfield Town Map Room Divider.

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