buy Pewter Death Star Storage Bin

Pewter Death Star Storage Bin

Check out this Pewter Death Star Storage Bin that is just great for all the Star Wars fans.

This Star Wars storage container is made from metal an will look great as just a Death Star figurine on your shelve but you can store things inside it which makes it even better.

Maybe some snack packs or maybe even your car keys can all live inside the Death Star now.

And we all know that the Death Star is huge but this pewter version is on a scale of 1 / 600,000 of the original because otherwise it would not fit inside you home.

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buy Glass Superman Storage Container

Glass Superman Storage Container

We all need bowls for leftovers and luckily you can now get this Superman storage container.

The glass storage container has a plastic lid and in the bottom of the bowl you can find the famous logo used by Superman and Supergirl.

The Supergirl storage container is perfect in size and it is dishwasher safe so that it is ready quickly for tomorrow when there maybe new leftovers.

So if you want to rid of plastic storage boxes then this glass one is the way to go as it is just cool and made from glass and looks amazing especially if you like Superman.

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iCarly FUNtainer Food Storage

iCarly Food for lunch storage that is BPA free

Of course you want your kids to eat healthy when away and how do you make that fun for them?

Easy get them a FUNtainer like this one with iCarly on it. The FUNtainer is made by Thermos and all the plastic parts are BPA free and the inside is stainless steel.

The best thing is that it will keep the food stored in it cold for up to 7 hours and hot for up to 5. So now you kid can eat the good foods you give it at the temperature that is ready to eat.

iCarly is has her picture on this FUNtainer and the pink plastic parts will make it the ideal girls lunch container.

Have a better look at this iCarly FUNtainer.

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Dora FUNtainer food Storage

Thermos FUNtainer with Dora and Boots great for school and daycare

Dora the explorer and her best friend Boots are now pictured on this food storage jar from Thermos.

The FUNtainer will keep the food in the jar warm or cold for hours. A great way to give your kid’s there favorite food to school and daycare without having to worry about it.

Check out this Dora The Explorer FUNtainer Food Storage Jar.

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Hot Tub Time Machine FUNtainer

Of course you bring your lunch from home because it taste so much better then cafeteria food.

And now a boring food container became so much better with this Hot Tub Time Machine container from Thermos. It keeps hot food warm and cold food cold so what else do you want besides traveling in time in a hot tub.

Go check out this Hot Tub Time Machine Funtainer.