buy The Real Ghostbusters T-Shirt

The Real Ghostbusters T-Shirt

If you like a fun Ghostbusters shirt then check out this The Real Ghostbusters t-shirt.

You can get this t-shirt in sizes Small – 5XL and it is navy blue and made from 100% cotton.

On the shirt you can see the Ghostbusters logo and above it the text “The Real Ghostbusters” and below all that the main characters of this classic cartoon based on the Ghostbusters movie.

It is a great t-shirt for anyone that love the Ghostbusters and not just the movies as the cartoon is what this t-shirt is all about and that really looks amazing.

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buy Ghostbusters Logo Baby Bodysuit

Ghostbusters Logo Baby Bodysuit

Now there is a Ghostbusters logo baby bodysuit that will protect your child from ghost.

The 100% cotton snapsuit is available in sizes 6 – 24 months and is white in color with on it in red the famous Ghostbusters logo and the red seems to be dripping a bit as if it was freshly painted on the baby clothes.

So your baby can be protected from Slimer while looking adorable as a little Ghostbusters and that is way cooler then just a plain and boring bodysuit like most babies wear.

No need to wait any longer because we know that what your child is wearing now will be dirty in not time at all making this a great replacement.

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buy Ghostbusters string Lights

Ghostbusters string Lights

Now you can bring light to the dark with these Ghostbusters string lights.

The string lights are a string with two different lights on it and those lights are the famous Ghostbusters logo and Slimer the famous green slime we all know.

The Ghostbusters string lights are battery operated so they will work anywhere.

On the string you will find 10 lights and it will be great as part fo your Halloween decorations or just as room decor and maybe even as Christmas lights if you like to have a Ghostbusters tree.

Make it clear to the dark that your like the Ghostbusters.

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buy Ghostbusters Shower Curtain

Ghostbusters Shower Curtain

If you have ghosts in your bathroom then maybe this Ghostbusters shower curtain will scare them away.

This Ghostbusters shower curtain is everything a true fan needs in their bathroom.

The curtain is black and measures 71 x 74 inches and on the black you can find a giant Ghostbusters logo and that of course will prevent ghosts showering in your shower.

A cool shower curtain is something you like to keep looking amazing and you can put it in the washing machine too so that the ghost in the logo will keep looking white and fresh.

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buy Ghostbusters Slimy Logo Backpack

Ghostbusters Slimy Logo Backpack

If you want a to scare away some ghosts then you can do so by wearing this Ghostbusters slimy logo backpack.

The backpack is black but on the front it has a red top part with in neon style the famous Ghostbusters logo and then below that it looks like there is green slime leaking from the pocket.

The backpack has a couple pockets and a laptop sleeve and is measures 17 x 12 x 5.75 inches and that makes it nice and big for all you school work or maybe office supplies or things to take on an adventure. Now you just need to adjust the straps for your body and you are ready to go.

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buy Women’s Ghostbusters Sweater

Women’s Ghostbusters Sweater

Now there is a women’s Ghostbusters sweater that is a must have.

The black Ghostbusters sweatshirt shows the famous Ghostbusters logo on the front with blow it in red letters “Ghostbusters” and below that in white the famous punch line “Who you gonna call?”.

You can get his fun shirt in women’s junior sizes Small – XL and they are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

An officially licensed sweater like this is a must have to all the true fans of Ghostbusters and yes that does include the classic movie and the ladies Ghostbusters movie as they are all fun to watch.

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buy Hanging Slimer Halloween Decoration

Hanging Slimer Halloween Decoration

If you want a nice slimy creature to be part of your Halloween decorations then you should check out this hanging Slimer Halloween decoration.

Ghostbusters fans all know Slimer and now there is a 17 inches tall character that you can hang somewhere in or around your home.

And if you hang Slimer it is kinda freaky and perfect for Halloween as he is easy to hang somewhere.

Now you just need someone in a Ghostbusters costume coming for trick or treat then they will love Slimer too.

Sure you can have an outdoor inflatable that looks great but something as fun as this Ghostbusters creature is different and special.

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buy Ghostbusters Slimer Mask

Ghostbusters Slimer Mask

If you are a Ghostbusters fan in need of an amazing Halloween costume then this Slimer mask is what you need.

This is not really a mask but a complete headpiece. Just wear the Slimer helmet and it looks like you are partly eaten by Slimer and your head is sticking out of its mouth.

Slimer is made from 100% vinyl and looks just like the Ghostbusters character complete with arms on the side.

Halloween, cosplay, or Ghostbusters marathon wearing this Slimer mask is just what you need and people will look amazed when you are wearing it.

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buy Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Oven Mitt

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Oven Mitt

If you like to cook and you like the Ghostbusters then you just have to get this Stay Puft Marshmallow Man oven mitt.

The oven mitt looks just like the big Marshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters movies only this one is a bit flat as it is an oven mitt.

Cooking will be extra fun because now you can get your cooking done without burning your fingers and all thanks to the Ghostbusters character.

And yes you can take this Ghostbusters oven mitt camping too so that you can use the Marshmallow Man oven mitt when you are toasting some marshmallow on the campfire.

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buy Ghostbusters Key Chain

Ghostbusters Key Chain

If you like the Ghostbusters and want something to remember them by then this Ghostbusters key chain is what you need.

The key chain shows the famous Ghostbusters logo with the ghost and the red sign and you can find this logo as a metal key chain.

A key chain like this is great for your keys as that may be a given but you can also use it to decorate a backpack or maybe even use it as a zipper pull on your jacket and that way ghosts will see it and know they have to stay away.

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