buy Kylo Ren Halloween Pumpkin

Kylo Ren Halloween Pumpkin

Star Wars fans can be all ready for Halloween thanks to this Kylo Ren Halloween Pumpkin.

This a plastic pumpkin with on it the face of Kylo Ren and his eyes will light up as this pumpkin runs on two AAA batteries.

The Kylo Ren pumpkin is 6 inches tall and will look great at your front door with Halloween or even in your home.

This year you can spend time watching Star Wars instead of carving a pumpkin yourself all thanks to this fun Star Wars pumpkin.

I am sure that people visiting your home will admire this pumpkin and they will also know that you are a true Star Wars fan.

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buy Hanging Slimer Halloween Decoration

Hanging Slimer Halloween Decoration

If you want a nice slimy creature to be part of your Halloween decorations then you should check out this hanging Slimer Halloween decoration.

Ghostbusters fans all know Slimer and now there is a 17 inches tall character that you can hang somewhere in or around your home.

And if you hang Slimer it is kinda freaky and perfect for Halloween as he is easy to hang somewhere.

Now you just need someone in a Ghostbusters costume coming for trick or treat then they will love Slimer too.

Sure you can have an outdoor inflatable that looks great but something as fun as this Ghostbusters creature is different and special.

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buy Hello Kitty And Pumpkin

Hello Kitty And Pumpkin

Hello Kitty is ready for Halloween. All dressed up in black and with a orange head clip with a bat on it. Of course Halloween would not be the same without a pumpkin so Hello Kitty even has one of those.

This 6.75 inch plush version of Hello Kitty is soft and cuddly and great for kids or as Halloween decoration.

Hello Kitty is cute and having a Hello Kitty Halloween plush is just something you want as it is adorable.

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