buy Splashed Slimer T-Shirt

Splashed Slimer T-Shirt

Now there is this fun Splashed Slimer T-Shirt that is fun for Ghostbusters fans and anyone that likes slime.

This Ghostbusters t-shirt is available in styles for men, women, and kids and it is available in lots of colors and in sizes going all the way to an adults 10XL. And you can even get this design on a hoodie and even a face mask.

On the t-shirt you see Slimer the slime ghost from the Ghostbusters franchise and it looks like he just flew into your shirt and splashed all over it.

This is a fun shirt design making it great for people the don’t care about the Ghostbusters.

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buy Ghostbusters string Lights

Ghostbusters string Lights

Now you can bring light to the dark with these Ghostbusters string lights.

The string lights are a string with two different lights on it and those lights are the famous Ghostbusters logo and Slimer the famous green slime we all know.

The Ghostbusters string lights are battery operated so they will work anywhere.

On the string you will find 10 lights and it will be great as part fo your Halloween decorations or just as room decor and maybe even as Christmas lights if you like to have a Ghostbusters tree.

Make it clear to the dark that your like the Ghostbusters.

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buy Hanging Slimer Halloween Decoration

Hanging Slimer Halloween Decoration

If you want a nice slimy creature to be part of your Halloween decorations then you should check out this hanging Slimer Halloween decoration.

Ghostbusters fans all know Slimer and now there is a 17 inches tall character that you can hang somewhere in or around your home.

And if you hang Slimer it is kinda freaky and perfect for Halloween as he is easy to hang somewhere.

Now you just need someone in a Ghostbusters costume coming for trick or treat then they will love Slimer too.

Sure you can have an outdoor inflatable that looks great but something as fun as this Ghostbusters creature is different and special.

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buy Ghostbusters Slimer Mask

Ghostbusters Slimer Mask

If you are a Ghostbusters fan in need of an amazing Halloween costume then this Slimer mask is what you need.

This is not really a mask but a complete headpiece. Just wear the Slimer helmet and it looks like you are partly eaten by Slimer and your head is sticking out of its mouth.

Slimer is made from 100% vinyl and looks just like the Ghostbusters character complete with arms on the side.

Halloween, cosplay, or Ghostbusters marathon wearing this Slimer mask is just what you need and people will look amazed when you are wearing it.

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buy Ghostbusters Slimer Figurine

Ghostbusters Slimer Figurine

Now you can own your own Slimer figurine and this ghost just look like the real ghost from the movie franchise.

If you do not have a ghost in your figurine collection then Slimer would be perfect as he was the first ghost successfully captured by the Ghostbusters.

This Slimer figure is 3 3/4 inch tall and is made from vinyl instead of Ectoplasm and that of course makes it way less messy then owning the real Slimer.

And Slimer comes in his own containment box so that he can be safely away from you and you can still look at him through the plastic of the box and yes of course you can unpack this Ghostbusters character but it’s at your own risk of course.

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buy Ghostbusters Slimer Inflatable Adult Costume

Ghostbusters Slimer Inflatable Adult Costume

When you are running around in your Slimer costume at Halloween or maybe a costume party lets hope you do not run into any of those Ghostbusters.

This is a full costume that looks just like the famous Ghostbusters ghost Slimer, this costume is all green and has all of the gross, slimy and some may say cute features of Slimer.

This classic Ghostbusters Slimer costume is a one size fits all it will easily fit up to a men’s large, the costume includes a body suit with a fan to keep inflated, attached sleeves and gloves to the body suit and an over sized full head mask.

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buy Slimer Ghostbusters Outdoor Inflatable Lawn Prop

Slimer Ghostbusters Outdoor Inflatable Lawn Prop

Do you love Ghostbusters but secretly want to say you love Slimer the best? Well if so this is the perfect outdoor inflatable lawn prop for you to put out on halloween or maybe all year round.

Featured here is an outdoor inflatable that looks just like that pesty ghost Slimer from the classic movie Ghostbusters, when inflated Slimer stands tall with his two slimy hands up as if to say boo and mouth wide open showing the teeth, of course the entire Slimer infatable is that perfect slime green color.

You can be sure that this Ghostbusters Slimer will stand out on your lawn as it stands a total of 7 feet, the slimer outdoor inflatable also comes with ground stakes, string and an AC adapter.

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buy Ghostbusters Slimer Ghost Plush

Ghostbusters Slimer Ghost Plush

Remember Slimer the ghost?

Of course you do. A true Ghostbusters fan know Slimer the Spud and that he is made out of pure Ectoplasm.

Now you can have your own ghost plush. Slimer personally modelled for this plush.

And to make this 9″ tall ghost plush even more fun they added sound to it.

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