Transformers Animated Jigsaw

Transformers Ani jigsaw

A great way to enjoy and evening or lazy afternoon is doing a jigsaw puzzle but how do you get the kids away from the TV?
Simple get them a puzzle they would enjoy like one from Transformers.

This Transformers jigsaw is 100 pieces and for 5 years and up and that would be enough to make young and old enjoy it.

When you are done the Transformers puzzle will be 10″ x 13″. Of course the picture of this puzzle is nice with all kind of Transformer action happening.

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buy Hogwarts Castle Puzzle

Hogwarts Castle Puzzle

Want something to do those dark evenings when there is nothing on TV? We found something fun a Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince puzzle. This is a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle that features the Hogwarts Castle in the moon light.

This Jigsaw is not easy and that is why they say 8 years and up.

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buy Ravensburger Simpsons Puzzleball

Ravensburger Simpsons Puzzleball

A Simpsons puzzelbal for the jigsaw fan

If you like puzzles and The Simpsons then this is great fun for you. This is a Puzzle ball Jigsaw of 240 pieces that are of course curved and it is up to your to make the ball complete so that you can see all the characters of the TV series The Simpsons.

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