buy Mickey Mouse Hearts Figurine

Mickey Mouse Hearts Figurine

Mickey Mouse Hearts Figurine

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved one?

This Mickey Mouse figurine will be the perfect present for Valentine’s Day or any other day that you want to show you love for someone special.

This figurine is made by Jim Shore and you can see that on the amazing details of this handcrafted and painted figure.

Mickey is standing on a big heart and he is holding a balloon that says “I Heart U” on it and this all looks so cute that it will be an appreciated gift.

Come and check out all the amazing details of this Mickey Mouse Valentines Figurine.

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buy Bambi Friendship Snow Globe

Bambi Friendship Snow Globe

Snow globes are so much fun specially when you turn them over and the snow flakes start to tumble down on the amazing scene inside the ball.

This snow globe is made by Jim Shore and shows a scene from the Disney movie Bambi.
It shows a grassy plain with some flowers and Bambi and her two friends Flower and Thumper.

And not only is the scene in the globe fun to look at even the snow globe base has amazing details and it really makes this a special item to have.

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buy Tinker Bell Snow Globe

Tinker Bell Snow Globe

Fairries are so special that we all hope to see one.

And now you can own your own Disney fairy Tinker Bell. But you can touch her.
Tinker Bell will live happily in a glass globe that will snow when you shake it.

This snow globe made by Jim Shore is super detailed and from high quality.

Just see the details on the base of the globe allone.
I personally like the details on Tinker Bells wings.

If you are in to water globes then you know how great this one is.

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Winnie The Pooh Honey Snow Globe

Check out this Honey of a Bear Snow globe by Jim Shore great for the real winnie the pooh fan

There is your friend Winnie the Pooh enjoying a nice big pot of honey. This time Winnie is sitting in a waterball so that nobody can touch his honey and he is save from the bee’s.

For snow globe collectors this will be a great addition to there collection. This Winnie the Pooh snow globe is designed by Jim Shore and is hand painted.

And of course a snow globe would not be the same without some snow so even this one has some sparkles floating around when you shake it.

Go have a better look at this Winnie The Pooh Snow Globe.

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Eeyore Gloom To Bloom Snow Globe

Jim Shore made this Eeyore Gloom To Bloom Snow Globe.

There he is our favorite donkey Eeyore and now he is sitting in a water ball that sparkles when you shake it.

Yes it is a snow globe designed by Jim Shore. This snow globe is hand painted and of course great for the collector.

Eeyore looks a bit gloomy but he is ready to bloom.

Snow globe collectors and Eeyore fans should just stop looking and order this Eeyore Glom To Bloom Snow Globe.

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