buy Tinker Bell Spring Fling Mug

Tinker Bell Spring Fling Mug

Tinker Bell Spring Fling Mug

If you are looking for a mug that can hold your morning coffee and shows Tinker Bell then you came to the right place.

This mug shows Tinker Bell art on both sides and the art has a dimensional surface so you can feel it stick up and it has sparkles to. On one side you can see Tinker Bell up close staring at you and on the other side she is flying around.

This coffee mug is 12 oz and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Why you paper or plastic when you can have a real ceramic Tinker Bell mug like this one that will last you so much longer and looks so much better.

Don’t wait come get your own Tinker Bell Spring Fling Mug.

buy Disney Fairies Placemat

Disney Fairies Placemat

Eating on the dining table will be fun again!

This plastic BPA free placemat makes your kids want to eat on the table again and look and talk about all those nice Fairies on the placemat.

On the placemat you can see Tinker Bell and her friends Silvermist, Iridessa and Rosetta all flying around looking at you eat.

The Fairies placemat is 12 x 17.5 inch and is foodsave but not safe but not microwave safe.

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buy Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Talking Café

Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Talking Café

Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Talking Café

Have some fun in the kitchen, Pixie hollow style.

This is a Disney fairies Tinke Bell talking cafe, you will find many awesome features that give this kitchen set a fairy feel to it.

Find accessories like a tray, slice of cheese, carrot cake, ladle, sugar cookie, tea pot with lid, soup pot with lid, cinnamon bun, bread, 2 tea cups and 2 plates.

Also this is a talking cafe so you will hear a whistle sound when the teapot is placed on the stove, a bubbling sound when the soup bowl is put on the stove and a realistic Tinker Bell voice that also says a few different things.

Enjoy making food and tea with the Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Talking Café.

buy Tinker Bell And Periwinkle Dolls

Tinker Bell And Periwinkle Dolls

Disney Fairies Tinker Bell And Periwinkle Dolls

If you are a fan of the Disney Fairies then you will love this 2 doll set featuring two awesome Fairies.

From the Disney animated movie Secret of the Wings this is Tinker Bell in her winter fashions a bigger green leaf dress, also you will get Periwinkle the winter fairy in a really well detailed and nice looking ice blue outfit.

Perfect to reenact scenes while you watch the Disney fairies movie Secret of the wings.

Includes a pixie pass code that will allow you to unlock magical pixie diamonds for your online fairy at Pixiehollow.

Collect and play with Disney Fairies Tinker Bell and Periwinkle Dolls.

buy Disney Secret Of The Wings DVD And Blu-Ray

Disney Secret Of The Wings DVD And Blu-Ray

Disney Secret Of The Wings DVD Bluray

A Tinker Bell Disney Fairies movie presents the winter fairy Periwinkle as one of the stars in the awesome animated movie Secret of the Wings, and the other star is Tinker Bell.

In this movie you will learn many new things about Tinker Bell, for starters the cool winter fairy Periwinkle is her sister, and not only does she sacrifice for herself, but also for all of Pixie Hollow.

The story is amazing and the details and artistry is top quality like always with a Disney movie, check it out on DVD format or try the astonishing Blue-ray format.

Get your copy of the Disney Fairies Secret of the Wings DVD And Blu-ray.

buy Tinker Bell Earrings

Tinker Bell Earrings

Disney Tinker Bell Earrings

Do you want the feeling of Tinker Bell flying around your ears?

If so then you will love these Tinker Bell earrings.

The earrings show a flying Tinker Bell and they just look stunning.

They are made from sterling silver and then gold plated to give the impressing of expensive gold earrings but still have the quality of silver.

If you want a special piece of fairy jewelry then you found it with these Tinker Bell Earrings.

buy Tinker Bell And Snail Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

Tinker Bell And Snail Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

Disney Tinker Bell And Snail Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

If you like to spice up your food then you will need a nice salt and pepper shaker set.

And if you like Tinker Bell then you found it.

This cute set shows a smiling happy snail with Tinker Bell sitting on his shell.
Of course they are the salt and pepper shaker and they are kept together when not in use by the build in magnet.

Now you don’t only spice up your food you even spice up your table decor with this Disney Tinker Bell And Snail Salt And Pepper Shaker Set.

buy Disney Fairies 2013 Wall Calendar

Disney Fairies 2013 Wall Calendar

Disney Fairies 2013 Wall Calendar

Let the magical Disney Fairies help you keep track of the year 2013.

This is a 2013 calendar that features all of your favorite Disney Fairies, find Tinker Bell, Vidia, Silvermist, Fawn, Rosetta, Iridessa and Periwinkle.

Using extremely high quality colors and print, this 2013 wall calendar is based on the Disney Fairies 4th movie: Secret Of The Wings.

A standard wall calendar size, Size Closed: 11.0 ” x  12.0 “, Size Opened: 22.0 ” x  12.0 ” with stapled binding, also check out the Bonus downloadable electronic calendar widget.

Check out the Disney Fairies 2013 Wall Calendar.

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buy Tinker Bell Temporary Tattoo

Tinker Bell Temporary Tattoo

Disney fans that like the fairies will love the temporary tattoo of Tinker Bell.

This temporary tatoo is 2 x 2 inches and that makes it a pretty big tattoo of such a little fairy.

And this tattoo is not just for kids adults will love it to.

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buy Tinker Bell Snow Globe

Tinker Bell Snow Globe

Fairries are so special that we all hope to see one.

And now you can own your own Disney fairy Tinker Bell. But you can touch her.
Tinker Bell will live happily in a glass globe that will snow when you shake it.

This snow globe made by Jim Shore is super detailed and from high quality.

Just see the details on the base of the globe allone.
I personally like the details on Tinker Bells wings.

If you are in to water globes then you know how great this one is.

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