buy NCIS Lanyard

NCIS Lanyard

Lanyards that you get from work are most time so boring and everyone has the same one.

Why not get one that fits you!

This lanyard is based on the TV series NCIS.

On this black lanyard you see the NCIS logo coming back over and over and they even added a retractable clip with an anchor on it.
With this clip you don’t have to bend any more while using your access pass.

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Tigger Lanyard

Tigger and friends lanyard

A nice new lanyard that is something that will color up your life.

This green lanyard has pictures of  Tigger on it and feels silky smooth.

Now you kids can carry the home key around there neck without the changes of loosing it.

And for us adults this lanyard of Pooh’s friend Tigger is great to carry our id and of course our keys to.

Get ready to jump with this Green Tigger Lanyard.

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buy Wonder Woman Lanyard

Wonder Woman Lanyard

How do you hold all your keys?

Stop throwing them in your pocket and potentially losing them it is time to put them on this cool DC Comics Wonder Woman lanyard. This lanyard features images of the great superhero Wonder Woman all over it and a strong durable clasp to keep your keys safe.

The Wonder Woman lanyard is approximately 21 inches in total length and the perfect for a DC Comics collection or fan.

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Eeyore Pink Lanyard

Eeyore pink lanyard to carry around you id or keys

And Eeyore lanyard that makes it so much more fun to carry around those keys, id’s and more because now there is Eeyore on it.

This lanyard is pink so probably not popular with the boys but besides that there are loads of drawings of Eeyore on it so that for sure will be so much appreciated by Winnie the Pooh fans.

Go get your own Pink Eeyore Lanyard.

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Spider-Man Lanyard

A blue Spiderman lanyard that is handy and cool

Stop loosing keys with this Spider-Man Lanyard. This is great for kids so that they now have a secure place for there keys and it is cool because Spider-Man is on it.

And for us grownups this is nice to because now you have a nice looking lanyard with Spider-Man on it to keep your id on when working.

Go order this Spider-Man Lanyard.

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