Tinker Bell Lanyard

Tinker Bell lanyard and goodies

How do you carry you keys and stuff? I guess on an old boring lanyard that everybody on has.

Now you can show the world that you stand out just a little bit with this great looking Tinker Bell Lanyard.

The lanyard of course shows Tinker Bell but it does more because it comes with extra’s

This Lanyard also comes with:

  1. A Tinker Bell Coin purse that can hand on the lanyard
  2. A Tinker Bell notepad
  3. A Tinker Bell Pensil

You see you can be completly Tinker Bell ready. Or play a Tinker Bell reporter this summer.

Check out this cool Tinker bell Gear.

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Bart Simpson Skateboard Lanyard

Bart Simpson Lanyard

If you carry around a lot of keys and access cards then you know how handy it can be to have a lanyard around you neck with all these things on it. But why have one like all the other people around you?

You can be different and wear one that shows you how bad you are 😉 you can own this Bart Simpson lanyard with Bart and his Skateboard.

Order your Bart Simpson Lanyard.

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House Lanyard


House Lanyard
We are likely to carry around to much stuff like key-cards, keys, badges and things like that. Often we wear those kind of things on a lanyard around the neck and yes we can get the same boring old lanyard like everybody else.

BUT you don’t have to why not state your personality by wearing a lanyard that fits better to you.

Now you can own a lanyard with the House MD logo on it, the House lanyard is black with the logo in white.

Have a peak at the House Lanyard.

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