buy Futurama Leela Costume

Futurama Leela Costume

Futurama leela costume for Halloween

Are you looking for that perfect Halloween costume to wear out to a party?

Why not go out dress up as this cool space chick Leela from the television show Futurama.

This cool Futurama Leela costume is designed to look like Leela the one eyed mutant from the show Futurama. The costume includes a purple wig with hair band for ponytail, an eye mask with a mesh holes to hep you see better, elastic strap to help secure the mask around your head, boot covers and wristbands.

Go on a fun adventure with Leela and friends when you go out wearing this cool Futurama Leela Costume.

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buy Futurama 2013 Wall Calendar

Futurama 2013 Wall Calendar

Futurama is ready to give you a fun and cool 2013 year.

This is a calendar that features the awesome and quirky characters from the hit animated television series Futurama, find Bender, Leela, Fry and the rest of the Planet Express employees doing a pin-up style of sexy photos.

A 2013 calendar that is a standard wall calendar size of Size Closed :12.25 ” x  12.25 ” Size Opened: 24.5 ” x  12.0 “, with traditional stapled binding.

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Futurama Poster

Futurama poster

Do you enjoy the TV series Futurama?

If you do then you probably gone like this Futurama poster.
On this poster you see Bender, Leela and Fry and a modern space city.

The look of this poster makes you feel like you are part of the Futurama story.

With an dimension of 24 x 36 inch it will be the perfect size to fit on your wall.

If you want to see some Futurama on your wall then get this Futurama Poster. 

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Futurama Monopoly

Futurama Monopoly

We all know and love Monopoly the boardgame where you can win or loose you money and your pride.

But now there is a way to win at Monopoly in  the future.

This game of Futurama Monopoly plays years in the future and of course has all the cool Futurama assests you can buy.
Just check out all for corners of the Futurama Monopoly universe and see how nice it is.

As with most special Monopoly games you will find some special Futurama game tokens that looks like things from the TV series.

Futurama and Monopoly fans get ready to add this to your collection.

Go and get your copy of the Futurama Monopoly. 

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buy Futurama Mouse Pad

Futurama Mouse Pad

Futurama is an animated science fiction television sitcom with lots of fun characters. This Futurama mouse pad features three main characters Fry, Bender, and Leela together with great colors to make this awesome mousepad stand out. Add this to your desktop or maybe just add it to your collection, either way you are bound to get some good comments.

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