buy Gryffindor Locker Mirror

Gryffindor Locker Mirror

If you are a Harry Potter fan with a locker then you should check out this Gryffindor locker mirror.

So now you can see yourself in your locker all thanks to this mirror.

The Harry Potter locker mirror is 6.5 x 5.5 inch and are made from vinyl with a magnetic back so that it can’t break like glass and can be easily removed from any metal surface.

On the front the mirror has a giant area that reflects and the border is red and yellow just like the Gryffindor and then in the right bottom corner you can find the big crest of the Gryffindor house.

This does make for a fun present for a Harry Potter fan with a locker at work or school.

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buy Supernatural Locker Mirror

Supernatural Locker Mirror

Your school or work locker could use a mirror and if you like Supernatural then we found the perfect mirror for your locker.

This square mirror is like any other mirror but on the top it has the Supernatural logo and on the lower part you can find Sam and Dean Winchester and that is of course something you would like to see together with you and that will happen if you look into this mirror.

The Supernatural mirror is 6.5 x 5.5 inch and is for indoor use only.

School lockers became a lot better just because the Winchester brothers.

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Harry Potter Mirror of Erised

Look in the mirror of erised just like Harry potter did

Remember the mirror Harry Potter looked in to and that showed him everything his heart’s desired?

Now you can own that mirror, yes the mirror of Erised can be yours.

Unfortunately this mirror does not show desires any more it now just shows you your face when you look in to it.

But still this Harry Potter item will look great on a wall or as a table top mirror.

Get your Harry Potter collection room ready for your own Harry Potter Mirror Of Erised.

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