buy How To Make A Gremlin t-shirt

How To Make A Gremlin t-shirt

This Gremlin t-shirt shows how you can create Gremlins in the style of an IKEA building instruction.

The instructions are clear, first make a Mogwai wet so that you get more and then feed it after midnight and then wait till it becomes a big mean ugly Gremlin.

It’s just funny to see a shirt like this in the same style as the IKEA furniture building instructions.

You can get this white Gremlins t-shirt in men and women’s styles in sizes Small – 6XL.

Not only does it show how to build a Gremlin it also kinda teaches you how not to create one and that is probably what you want to teach the world as we all know what happens when Gremlins get out.

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buy Gremlins Gizmo Women’s Costume

Gremlins Gizmo Women’s Costume

Women's Gizmo costume

Did you get an invite to a Halloween party and is in need of a super unique, cute and sexy costume?

Well look no more ladies cause all eyes will be on you when you wear this super cute sexy Gizmo costume to the party.

This adorable Gizmo costume is designed to look like the cute little Gizmo from the movie Gremlins. It includes a cute shrug that has an attached furry hood with pink floppy ears, furry paw gloves, furry white and brown boot covers with a brown mini dress. It is available in a Small/Medium or Medium/Large size.

Just be careful not to get wet or your might start to duplicate and not to eat after midnight cause you’ll turn into a scary Gremlin.

Have fun at the party and go dressed up in this cute Gremlins Gizmo Ladies Costume.

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buy Gremlins Gizmo Bathing suit

Gremlins Gizmo Bathing suit

OK wearing this swimsuit will make people comment you and maybe they will even ban you from the pool.

You wonder why?

Simple this Gremlins one piece bathing suit shows Gizmo a Mogwai and as you may know bad things happen when they get wet so taking him into the pool may not be a smart idea. And then there is the other problem. You should keep Gizmo out of the light (specially sunlight) so going to the beach is again not smart.

Lets just hope that this amazing looking Gremlins swimwear is just a picture and nothing happens when you go in the water .

If you like the Gremlins and are looking for a fun piece of swimwear Gizmo could be it.

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