buy Gremlins Gizmo Bathing suit

Gremlins Gizmo Bathing suit

Gremlins Mogwai swimsuit

OK wearing this swimsuit will make people comment you and maybe they will even ban you from the pool.

You wonder why?

Simple this Gremlins one piece bathing suit shows Gizmo a Mogwai and as you may know bad things happen when they get wet so taking him into the pool may not be a smart idea. And then there is the other problem. You should keep Gizmo out of the light (specially sunlight) so going to the beach is again not smart.

Lets just hope that this amazing looking Gremlins swimwear is just a picture and nothing happens when you go in the water .

If you like the Gremlins and are looking for a fun piece of swimwear Gizmo could be it.

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