Happy Feet Two Movie Poster

Happy Feet 2 movie poster

Happy Feet is back with a new movie called Happy Feet Two.

And also this time you will be part of the adventures of Mumble the penguin.

But how about a nice Poster to decorate your room Happy Feet style?

This is a Happy Feet Two movie poster and you see the nights sky and on the foreground you find Mumble with just his head sticking out of the cold snow.

This poster is not huge as it messures 11 x 17 inch but that of course makes it perfect to fit in a nice frame or just some where on your wall that still has a little space left.

Get ready for you happy feet with this Happy Feet Two Movie Poster.


Happy Feet Mumble’s Tumble Game

Happy Feet Mumble's Tumble Game

Happy Feet the fun and cool animated movie brings you a fun and cool game, Happy Feet Mumble’s Tumble Game.

This game has a large ice berg and the purpose is to get all of your penguin characters to stand on the iceberg with out tumbling over and sliding off the rocking iceberg before any one else. There are 4 penguin characters Mumble, Lovelace, Gloria and Ramon , each having 5 duplicates. These penguis are awsomely detailed and sculpted out to look just like they do in the movie Happy Feet.

Get your Happy Feet Mumble’s Tumble Game.


Happy Feet 100-Piece Icy Glow Puzzle

Happy Feet 100-Piece Icy Glow Puzzle, "Let it Out!"

Happy Feet a fun animated movie from Warner Bros. and now a fun idea for a puzzle.

Check out this Happy Feet icy glow puzzle a freeze frame scene from the movie Happy Feet, with the quote “you got to let it out, just let it out!” This puzzle has 100 pieces and is 11″ x 15″ (28 cm x 38 cm).

When you are done putting them all together, turn off the lights and let the penguins glow. Yes the penguins are glow in the dark, and so is the quote. What a fun idea for a puzzle.

Order your Happy Feet 100-Piece Icy Glow Puzzle, “Let it Out!”.

buy Mumble Penguin Plush

Mumble Penguin Plush

Happy Feet plush toy of Mumble

Here you have Mumble the emperor penguin from the Happy Feet movie.

Now you can cuddle with Mumble as this Mumble is a plush toy and that makes him the ideal companion to play with.

This plush is 6.5″ tall and super cute.

You will not get disappointed by getting this baby penguin.

Get on you Happy Feet and check out this Mumble Emperor Penguin Plush.