buy Wonder Woman Christmas Ornament

Wonder Woman Christmas Ornament

This Christmas you can choose to have a Wonder Woman Christmas ornament in your tree.

The Wonder Woman Christmas tree ornament is made by Hallmark in their keepsake series.

The ornament shows Wonder Woman in a battle mode complete with a fisted hand and the other holding up her shield and she is is hiding her head behind.

Maybe Wonder Woman in battle mode is not really festive but it is cool and this ornament is one you can keep out after the holidays too as there is not something specific for the holidays with Wonder Woman.

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buy Niffler In Suitcase Christmas Ornament

Niffler In Suitcase Christmas Ornament

If you like the Fantastic Beasts movies and the book then you are going to like this Niffler in suitcase Christmas ornament.

This ornament is great for in the Christmas tree but it is not especially festive and that makes this a great keepsake item even for after Christmas.

The Niffler Christmas tree ornament is made by Halloween in their keepsake series and is about 2 inch tall.

You can see that the Niffler is holding a gold coin in his hands and that he is sitting in the half open suitcase of Newt Scamander.

It is one of those ornaments that will look great for many years and it will remind you to rewatch the Fantastic Beasts movies.

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buy Santa Papa Smurf Christmas Ornament

Santa Papa Smurf Christmas Ornament

If you want a fun and festive ornament for in the Christmas tree then you should check out this Papa Smurf Christmas ornament.

The ornament is part of the Hallmark keepsake series and shows 2 inches tall Papa Smurf that is dressed up like Santa Claus and he even has a big bag of presents.

So this year Your tree can have a character with a white beard in your tree only this creature is blue as it is Papa Smurf and relooks pretty cool in the red costume he is wearing for the holiday.

Just hang Papa Smurf in your tree and if you are lucky he may leave your some presents under the tree from the bag he is carrying.

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buy Captain America Shield Ornament

Captain America Shield Ornament

If you like Captain America and decorating the tree then you should check out this Captain America shield ornament.

The ornament looks like the famous red, white, and blue shield on the front and the back looks like how it looks at the real shield back with the straps to hold it.

The ornament is made from blown glass and that gives it the amazing colors you want for in your tree and the Captain America ornament is 4 inch tall and wide.

So now your tree can have superhero protection all thanks to this Marvel ornament that looks festive on its own.

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buy Hello Kitty Sleigh Christmas Ornament

Hello Kitty Sleigh Christmas Ornament

This is a Hello Kitty sleigh Christmas ornament and it is just so much fun that you want it if your Christmas tree this holiday season.

This is a 2017 Hallmark keepsake ornament and it shows Hello Kitty dressed for winter and she is riding a sleigh and is wearing a Santa hat too.

The Hello Kitty tree ornament is 2.4 inches tall and will look super fun in your tree as the colors of the ornament are just perfect for a tree.

So if you like cute ornament and Hello Kitty then you should just go with this as it is an awesome ornament.

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buy Tardis Wooden Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Ornament

Tardis Wooden Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Ornament

If you are a Doctor Who fan ready to decorate the Christmas tree then you should check out this Tardis wooden wibbly wobbly timey wimey ornament.

This Doctor Who ornament is made from wood and is laser cut and engraved.

The ornament has the Tardis and a circle connected to it and on the circle, it says “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey” and the circle is also the perfect way for hanging it in the Christmas tree.

A Tardis Christmas tree ornament like this is really unique and that makes it the perfect piece for your tree this holiday season.

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buy South Park Ornament Set

South Park Ornament Set

This Christmas you tree can look amazing if you look this South Park ornament set that includes 5 amazing looking 3D ornaments.

South Park makes me smile and it does the same to you then adding these fun ornaments to your tree then you will smile any time you watch them dangle on a branch.

The set includes Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski, and Chef Junior McElroy all ready to celebrate Christmas with you. And Kyle even brought Mr. Hankey so you get 6 South Park characters in this fun Christmas decorations set.

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buy Personalized Elmo Christmas Ornament

Personalized Elmo Christmas Ornament

Now there is the personalized Elmo Christmas ornament that would be an amazing piece of Christmas decoration for your child.

The ornament has a green wreath with a red bow on the top and in the middle, you can see a happy Elmo and he is holding a big present.

Below Elmo, it will have your child’s name and that will look so amazing in your tree and your kid will be so happy to see Elmo from Sesame Street in the Christmas tree.

The personalized ornament can hold a name up to 9 characters and will be one of those keep sake pieces that will look stunning in your tree for many years.

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buy 3 Dragons Ornaments From Game of Thrones

3 Dragons Ornaments From Game of Thrones

Now you can have your own dragons just like the real once from Game of Thrones.

The set includes the 3 dragons from Game of Thrones and they look really the only thing that makes them look different is because they are hanging on a chain.

The dragons are 4 inches long and have a wingspan of 5 inches.

You can hang these Game of Thrones dragons where ever you want like from your bedroom ceiling or maybe even in the Christmas tree.

They are like figurines that fly and that makes these dragons highly collectible especially if you like Game of Thrones.

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buy PAW Patrol Rubble Personalized Christmas Ornament

PAW Patrol Rubble Personalized Christmas Ornament

If you child loves Rubble from PAW Patrol then they will love this Christmas ornament for the tree.

This ornament looks like the bulldozer from Rubble and yes the dog is sitting in it with a big smile on its face. And on the front of the bulldozer, you can see a big red present.

And to make this PAW Patrol ornament even better they added the option to personalize it so that it has your child’s name on the side of the track.

This ornament will make the Christmas tree look stunning this year and the Rubble ornament has a ribbon on it so that it is ready for hanging in the tree.

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