buy Spider-Man Peter Parker Figurine

Spider-Man Peter Parker Figurine

Spider-Man Peter Parker Pop vinyl #34 Figurine

This is a real special Pop! Vinyl figurine.

It was made exclusively for the Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2013 and shows Spider-Man without the mask and that means that it shows Peter Parker in a Spider-Man suit.

The mix of Peter Parker and Spider-Man in one figure makes this a real special figurine in the Pop! Vinyl series and one you should own.

Like all the other Pop figurines this one is 3.75 inch tall and comes in a special display box so that you don’t even have to unpack it to admire this Spider-Man figurine.
It is number 34 of the series and jus looks stunning.

Spider-Man fans come and check out this Spider-Man Peter Parker Pop! Vinyl Figurine.

buy Peter Parker / Spider-Man Figurine

Peter Parker / Spider-Man Figurine

Peter Parker / Spider-Man Limited Edition Figurine

If you like the Amazing Spider-Man and are looking for special collectors items then you found one you will like.

This figurine is half Spider-Man and half Peter Parker all with amazing details based on early trement by Steve Ditko.
So instead of one you get both Peter Park and the superhero inside him Spider-Man.

This figurine is 5 1/2 inch tall and comes in his own tin storage tin complete with character booklet and Spider-Man button.

And there are only 1000 made of this Spider-Man figurine and all are  numbered.

So if you are looking for an addition to your Spider-Man collection or looking for a special present for a special friend then you are in luck as you found Peter Parker / Spider-Man Limited Edition Figurine.